Viacom overhauls Nick – So it wasn’t Netflix, it was the shows?

Reporting double-digit drops in both revenue and profit for its fiscal third quarter, Viacom announces a major overhaul to its most popular channel. Pundits suspected SVOD viewing of Nick shows had sapped ratings, but the conglomerate seems to be conceding that the shows just got old.

Nick getting nipped? DirecTV balks at Viacom fee bump

Nickelodeon has been the top-rated cable channel for 66 straight quarters. But with Nicks’ ratings in decline, and its shows spread across Netflix and other OTT outlets, the channel’s negotiating position may be softening. In the lastest carriage renewal conflict, DirecTV will find out how much.

Netflix CFO: Really, we didn’t kill Spongebob’s ratings!

Speaking at an investor event in Boston Wednesday, Netflix CFO David Wells said online viewing of Nickelodeon content probably has very little to do with the double-digit ratings drops on the linear Viacom channel. He compared the ongoing discussion to the “global warming debate.”

Viacom’s Dauman: Netflix impact on Nickelodeon is “minimal”

Despite a research report that ties stark ratings drops on Viacom’s flagship kids channel to viewing of its shows on Netflix, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman still insists the declines result from a complicated series of factors that have very little to do with streaming.

VYou comes out of beta with redesigned Q&A video site

VYou is coming out of beta with the launch of a redesigned site. The update puts even more focus on conversational video between its users, adding key features, such as the ability to comment on videos and to provide open questions to the site’s general audience.