Netflix Nabs SpongeBob and South Park

Netflix (s NFLX) officially announced its deal to stream the first nine seasons of South Park on its Watch Instantly service, and it also announced an agreement to stream Nickelodeon shows like SpongeBob Squarepants, Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer as well. The new deals give Netflix 300 episodes of MTVN (s VIA) content.
We know from a New York Times report last month that the South Park guys met with Hulu (s GE) and Joost as well, but went with Netflix because Netflix made a cash offer. From that New York Times piece:

“There was no talk of ad splits or guarantees or advances, just a payment for a show Netflix seemed really happy to have,” [South Park Co-Creator] Mr. Stone said.

Today’s press announcement did not include terms of the MTVN streaming deal, so we don’t know if a similar cash offer was made for the Nickelodeon content.
It was all quiet on the new content front for most of Netflix’s first quarter. We’re big fans of the service (I streamed a bunch of TV shows through it while sick in bed over the weekend), but while the quality of programming is getting better, it’s still lacking. Hopefully now that Netflix has its hardware figured out, it can get back to signing more deals like this.

The Top 10 Money-Making MMOs of 2008

maplestoryGame industry analyst DFC Intelligence will publish a comprehensive study of massively multiplayer online worlds next month, and was nice enough to give us an advance peek at their list of MMOs and MMORPGs that earned the most revenue in 2008.

The numbers are primarily estimates based on publicly available reports, DFC’s David Cole told me, and are decidedly on the “very conservative” side. The wide revenue spreads reflect the fact that 2008 earnings are still being counted, though more exact numbers are promised in the firm’s Feb. 16 report. “We indicate ranges because these numbers are estimates for 2008 based on where we think these products will end up,” said Cole. However, when the final numbers are reported, the rankings below should remain the same, though “maybe a slot here or there” will change. [digg=] Read More about The Top 10 Money-Making MMOs of 2008