Rocket caught copying Fab code in Nigerian push

The fact that Germany’s Rocket Internet is launching another clone should come as a surprise to no-one. But even with their copycat reputation, cutting and pasting code for their new Nigerian online store seems more than little bit lazy.

Today in Cleantech

There are two interesting trends that are emerging in the developing world with regard to off the grid solar, which are highlighted by Bloomberg’s India based renewable energy reporter, Natalie Obiko Pearson. First is that solar power is becoming cheaper than diesel, a common energy source for generators. Second is that the constant blackouts are becoming a major problem for wireless carriers in places like India and Nigeria, and many are opting for off the grid solar to power their cell towers. Many carriers report that the number one reason for wireless downtime is intermittency of power. Commercial uses like these could breathe new life into off the grid solar.

Where Are Oil Prices Heading in 2010?

Updated: Alternative-energy companies not only compete with each other, they also compete in a sense with oil firms. While it’s easy to overstate the inverse relationship that oil prices have with the demand for and investment in green companies, it’s also helpful to keep an eye on them.

So where are oil prices heading now? Higher in the long-term, with some short-term factors likely to keep them volatile for months at a time. How volatile? As James Williams, an economist at WTRG Economics, told MarketWatch, the unreal volatility of the past two years could continue: “2010 could be another with prices as low as $40 or as high as $110 or even higher.”
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