Nimbuzz: Voice, Social Networking and Instant Messaging in One

There are many apps available that try to bring together various communication protocols. I’m always interested in programs that manage multiple services, since for me, Adium on the Mac (s aapl) and its PC (s msft) relative, Pidgin, are indispensable for dealing with my eight (!) IM accounts.

After my recent post about the betas I use, I was introduced to Nimbuzz, an IM program that is now offering voice services in competition with Skype and Gizmo5 (which was recently purchased by Google).

The origins of Nimbuzz are in Europe. It claims a 20 percent market share in several European countries, and it’s popular in the Middle East. The company says that it has 12 million users, and is adding 40,000 users per day — not bad for a service that’s less than two years old. Nimbuzz is less well known in North America, but that may soon change. Read More about Nimbuzz: Voice, Social Networking and Instant Messaging in One

Nimbuzz Launches NimbuzzOut Calling Service

Nimbuzz has launched a premium calling service called NimbuzzOut that adds the ability to use the mobile messaging client to make calls to wireless and landline phones worldwide, as reported by Om over on GigaOM.
Om has been using the pre-release version of NimbuzzOut for about a month and recommends it for making cheap international calls — the call quality is good and the app is easy to use. Check out Om’s post for full details.
Have you tried NimbuzzOut? What do you think of the call quality?

Nimbuzz Takes on Skype, Launches New Calling Service

nimbuzzout.pngNimbuzz, a Netherlands-based VoIP and messaging startup, is introducing a premium calling service called NimbuzzOut. This service is available via an upgrade of its mobile client, which is currently available from the iPhone’s iTunes Apps Store, the Ovi Store and GetJar. So far, Nimbuzz has offered a meta-client that works on PCs, Macs, Symbian, Android and the iPhone and allows you to sign into any IM service including Skype. Read More about Nimbuzz Takes on Skype, Launches New Calling Service