When Free Is No Longer Free

Free social networks, blog publishing tools and microblogging sites. Free trials lasting weeks and weeks where we can kick the virtual tires of everything from Basecamp to Typepad. But what do we do when what we were getting for free is no longer free?

Can BroadVision Rise From the Ashes of Web 1.0?

BroadVision, an enterprise software company that went public not long after Netscape and then spent almost a decade recovering from the Web 1.0 boom and bust, is launching a new SaaS offering called Clearvale, which it says is designed to bring social networking into the enterprise.

Ning’s CEO Shuffle: Gina Bianchini Steps Down

Ning co-founder and CEO Gina Bianchini is leaving the company and is being replaced by current chief operating officer and former Opsware executive Jason Rosenthal. Bianchini is also becoming an executive in residence (EIR) at venture capital firm of Andreessen Horowitz.

Will Copying Each Other Help Social Networks Win?

twinsSocial networks have been copying from one another for years, but the updates that Facebook, Twitter and Ning announced yesterday took such mimicry to new heights. At this point, however, dominance of the space ultimately depends on user base size. And from that perspective, Facebook, with its more than 220 million registered users, has already taken the crown.
In the meantime, here’s a rundown of the updates each site released: Read More about Will Copying Each Other Help Social Networks Win?