Zynga CIO Chrapaty jumps ship, becomes cloud-storage CEO

Following infrastructure leadership roles at Microsoft and Zynga, Debra Chrapaty will move from Zynga to enterprise cloud storage player Nirvanix. Despite the fierce competition facing Nirvanix, Chrapaty is optimistic about the company’s opportunities.

Latest outage raises more questions about Amazon cloud

Massive thunderstorms notwithstanding, the fact that Amazon’s U.S. East data center went down again Friday night while other cloud services hosted in the same area kept running raises anew questions about whether Amazon is suffering architectural glitches that go beyond acts of God.

Basho arms would-be Amazon killers with AWS-compatible storage

Basho, a startup that’s already jumped into the NoSQL database deep end, just released cloud-based storage services built on that NoSQL foundation. Expect the competition to be fierce: RiakCS joins a huge pool of cloud storage offerings from everyone from Amazon to Zettanet.