Cloud startup Tier 3 gets serious about enterprise PaaS

Up-and-coming IaaS player Tier 3’s new Web Fabric Platform aims to give enterprise customers access to infrastructure services and higher-level application services from a single console. It builds on Iron Foundry, an open source fork of Cloud Foundry that adds .NET support.

Morphlabs, Dell pitch all-SSD private cloud

Morphlab’s latest mCloud uses uses all solid-state disks while also claiming Amazon Web Services-like pricing. The company’s newest offering, which is part of a partnership with Dell, targets service providers that want to add private cloud computing capabilities that interoperate with AWS as needed.

NIST: We’re from the government and we’re here to help

Is cloud computing ready for government work? Not yet, but a new U.S. Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap draft sets out action items that government IT gurus say will speed up the adoption of cloud implementations that are safe and secure enough for government use.

Not Everything Is a Cloud

iStock_000006573008SmallCloud computing may be the most overhyped information technology term in recent memory, surpassed only by the ubiquitous Web 2.0 moniker. As a venture capitalist focused on investing in the infrastructure and platform-as-a-service segments of the cloud, this hype has prompted a slew of startups to flood my inbox, all claiming to be the revenue-generating equivalent of Google or Facebook for cloud computing. And why not? In this environment, leveraging the cloud tag makes a lot of sense when speaking to a VC. But not everything in IT is a cloud. Read More about Not Everything Is a Cloud