EnerNOC Shopping Spree Continues With Global Energy Partners

EnerNOC’s predilection for buying it’s way to expansion isn’t waning. This morning the leader in the demand response sector announced that it plans to buy Global Energy Partners, a company in Walnut Creek, Calif., that develops demand response and energy efficiency products for utilities.

Cisco’s Chambers Sees the End of Business Machines

chambers_091107_tsWhen it comes to the way people interact with technology, the lines between business and personal have been erased, according to Cisco (s CSCO) Chairman and CEO John Chambers. Speaking on his third-quarter earnings conference call yesterday, Chambers said:

I carry the same two devices in my business life and my personal life. A PDA and my Flip. Another key takeaway is to understand [that] in my opinion, the argument about consumer devices and business devices, as well as the two architectures completely blurring, is over. The real question is how do the CIOs in the enterprise business facilitate this change, and that is from a number of recent meetings with some of the top CIOs in the world. They get it. They understand the change and how they facilitate it rather than slow it down.

Aside from his plug for the Flip camera, whose maker Cisco recently agreed to purchase, Chamber’s statements probably ring true for anyone who works for a company that doesn’t have a corporate IT-controlled email network. Read More about Cisco’s Chambers Sees the End of Business Machines