Github is blocked in China

Updated: The popular project-hosting and code-sharing site is apparently caught up in the Great Firewall of China and is unavailable to users there, according to multiple reports.

Datahero aims to turn us all into analytics stars

A startup called Datahero launched on Thursday with a new cloud service that makes visualizing data as simple as a few mouse clicks, and $1 million in seed funding. The company’s ultimate goal is to make big data something you or I could do.

Heroku boss: 1.5M apps, many not in Ruby

According to former Heroku CEO and current VP of Platforms Byron Sebastian, Heroku is hosting more than 1.5 million applications — an increase of approximately 15x in less than 18 months. It’s success is part of an industry trend toward PaaS acceptance for new apps.

Bill Gates: Open source champ?

Was Bill Gates, chairman and co-founder of Microsoft, the power behind the proprietary Windows-and-Office juggernaut, really an open source champion? A new Wired article lays Microsoft’s wider embrace of open source technologies — including Node.js and Hadoop — squarely at Gates’ feet.

U.S. tech hotspots: San Fran, Boston and … Utah?

I spent some time playing with Google Insights to find out what parts of the country are most interested in technology and when that interest hit its peak. It wasn’t surprising to see Silicon Valley rank highly, but did you know Utah was into next-generation programming?

AppFog gets (more) multilingual with Java support

AppFog, which started out as a PHP-based Platform-as-a-Service, just added Java to its roster of supported programming languages. AppFog already added support for Ruby and Node.js. Still to come: support for Python, .NET and “smaller languages like Erlang,” said AppFog CEO Lucas Carlson.

Google’s Dart may be the code to make web apps shine

Google unveiled its effort to create a programming language solely for building web apps. Much like there’s a shift in computer hardware to take advantage of a more connected and mobile world, Google is attempting to push a concurrent shift in software.