Lessons learned: How to get your big data startup to a Series B

Mobile-application development specialist Appcelerator bought big data startup Nodeable on Wednesday, although the deal wasn’t exactly what Nodeable was planning for when it launched in 2011. Founder and CEO Dave Rosenberg shares some of the lessons he learned trying to break into the big data space.

Nodeable gives Hadoop a real-time boost with StreamReduce

Nodeable is now offering a cloud service for processing and analyzing streams of data in real time. Its new flagship service, called StreamReduce, is built atop Twitter’s open source Storm framework and acts as Hadoop’s faster, nimbler front-end partner that delivers users insights as they happen.

How collective intelligence is reshaping systems management

Big data has always had a place in the world of systems management, but it’s sweet spot might be in the cloud. Especially with a new model such as cloud computing, there could be a real value in learning from what your peers are doing.

Nodeable gets $2M to be Twitter for cloud monitoring

Nodeable, a San Francisco–based startup that uses social-media tactics to provide analytics on cloud-computing infrastructure, has closed a $2 million Series A round from True Ventures. Essentially, Nodeable feeds customers data about the performance of their cloud resources via a Twitter-like stream.