Coping With the Loss of Hard Drive Space

Despite storage becoming so cheap, it is still a good practice to keep tabs on your hard drive’s capacity. I’ll help you to arm yourself with the tools to figure out where that space is going, and how to maintain and protect it in the future.

Mobile World Congress: Don’t Call It a Phone Show

Over the last few years Mobile World Congress, the mobile phone industry trade show, has experienced a shift from being about mobile phones to being about always-on connectivity. Mobile broadband has changed the value of the mobile ecosystem and thus the players who care about it.

Stat Shot: How the iPhone Changed the Handset Market

The change in the mobile phone market caused by the introduction of Apple’s iPhone has slightly cut the profits for the handset industry overall, but has most severely affected Nokia and Sony Ericsson, while boosting Research in Motion, according to data released today from Deutsche Bank.

iPad: Around the Network

In addition to our own coverage of the recently launched iPad, our fellow GigaOM sites have also been writing up their fair share of great perspective on Apple’s latest product launch.

What’s Next for YouTube? Self-Serve Overlay Ads

YouTube might reach profitability this year, which means it’s time for parent company Google (s GOOG) to figure out ways to make it even more profitable. That might happen by making it even easier for small advertisers to build overlay ads to run over YouTube videos, according to a patent filing spotted by GoRumors.

In a patent application entitled “Video Overlay Advertisement Creator,” Google outlines the “methods and systems for creating video overlay advertisements suitable for use with digital videos.” The system basically allows advertisers to specify the attributes of an overlay ad through a browser-based user interface, which would be communicated back to the YouTube server. The server would then provide a preview of the ad in the advertiser’s browser. In other words, it lets advertisers build their own overlay ads, without having to hire an agency to do so.

An image of what Google has in mind is embedded below:

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What’s Left of Nortel Today?

Almost a year after Nortel filed for bankruptcy, we take a look at what’s left of the 114-year-old company that began as Northern Electric and Manufacturing to sell telephones to Canadians. All that remains are some patents and an IP phone joint venture with LG.

Like That Little Engine, Nokia Siemens Thinks It Can Make It

engineimage-300x277Nokia Siemens, a telecommunications equipment joint venture, plans to lay off up to 5,700 employees, or 7-9 percent of its work force, in order to cut about $740 million in costs. The company, which is a joint venture between Siemens (s si) and cell phone maker Nokia (s nok), will also whittle down to three business units from five. But you wouldn’t really get it after reading the headline on its press release which states, “Nokia Siemens Networks Targets Improved Financial Performance, Return to Growth.” Read More about Like That Little Engine, Nokia Siemens Thinks It Can Make It