Nokia factories shift to Asia: Did it have any choice?

Embattled Nokia is hoping it can become faster and more competitive by shifting the heart of its manufacturing operations to Asia, a move which will see 4,000 jobs cut in Finland, Hungary and Mexico but will be seen as long overdue.

Will this man be the new chairman of Nokia?

Reports suggest Nokia could be preparing to elevate F-Secure founder Risto Siilasmaa from its board to the role of chairman — and a speech from 2009 gives an intriguing insight into how he could view his role at the top of the troubled mobile giant.

The Outsider: Why this top Apple analyst is different blogger Horace Dediu has come from no where and become one of the most followed Apple analyst. His accurate track record and his ability to sift through mounds of publicly available data has made him many fans, especially amongst those who follow the phone business.