Can Dedicated e-Readers Compete With the iPhone?

ClassicsOver at our sister site GigaOM, Om takes a look at the rising trend of e-book sales on the iPhone/iPod touch platform. According to a survey by San Francisco mobile tech analytics firm Flurry, one in five apps launched during the month of October on the App Store was a book. Book releases for the device are surpassing game sales now, and the gap is widening.

Flurry compares the trend in books to that in gaming, which saw Apple (s aapl) take a strong branding direction with the iPod touch (“The Funnest iPod Ever”) and saw Nintendo admitting that its sales were affected negatively by the new competitor. Amazon (s amzn), according to the analytics firm, will face a similar market share impact for its Kindle device. Read More about Can Dedicated e-Readers Compete With the iPhone?

Kindle Software Coming to the Mac

Kindle for PCThe competition is really heating up in the e-reader market. Hot on the heels of Barnes & Noble’s (s bn) newly-released Nook reader, Amazon (s amzn) last week announced its Kindle branded e-book reader software for the PC. With it, users will be able to read their electronic books on their Kindle and on their desktop PC, too. And, before we started feeling like we’d been left out of the party, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed the company is also developing a version of the software for the Mac.

Actually, a beta version of the PC software is already available, but the Mac version is still very much under wraps. Writing in the Fast Company blog, Chris Dannen reports, “An Amazon spokesperson told me late Thursday: ‘Yes, we are working on a Kindle app for Mac.’”

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Android This Week: Verizon, Dell Join the Party; e-Books Abound

gigaom_icon_google-android1The Android (s goog) world is getting bigger all the time. After much speculation, Verizon (s vz) this week confirmed the introduction of its first Android phone with a slick advertising campaign. The Verizon Droid, which is expected to be announced next week, will be made by Motorola. (The handset was previously dubbed the Sholes.) The ad campaign includes TV spots in the U.S. listing the various ways that the Droid is better than the iPhone (s aapl). Based on press kits sent to the media, the Droid is expected to start shipping Nov. 9. Read More about Android This Week: Verizon, Dell Join the Party; e-Books Abound

Apple’s Mythical Tablet Perfect for Comic Books

Long BoxIn his latest article for the Chicago Sun Times, Mac-afficianado and supergeek Andy Ihnatko discusses LongBox, an iTunes-like comic book online store and screen reader. If you’re into graphic novels, you’ll likely want to know more about this service, which promises to bring order and unity to the chaotic digital world of comic books. What caught my eye, however, was Ihnatko’s belief that LongBox is deep in discussion with Apple (s aapl) over bringing its app to the iTunes Store and making, in due course, the mythical Tablet the perfect e-reader for their graphical content.

Ihnatko describes how LongBox CEO Rant Hoseley dropped a very juicy hint at a recent convention:

Rantz spoke at the Long Beach Comic-Con last weekend, as part of an industry panel on the future of digital distribution. Referring to a future strategic partnership with an unnamed company, Rantz said “It seems like everything is going to go through as planned.” He identified the company only as one that “all of a sudden leaves us with a multinational launch with literally millions of installed users.”

That sounds a hell of a lot like access to the iTunes Store, either in the form of software in the App Store or readable content in a hypothetical “iTunes Newsstand.”

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The Barnes & Noble Nook e-Book Reader Is a Knockout

The much ballyhooed e-book reader from Barnes & Noble (s bks) was officially announced today, as jkOnTheRun reports, and it has a good chance of giving Amazon’s (s amzn) Kindle a run for its money. The $259 Android-based Nook is smaller and thinner than originally thought, and has a small color LCD touchscreen at the bottom that augments the 6-inch E-ink screen above it. The Nook comes with free 3G via AT&T (s t), and launches the day after Spring Design’s similar device. You can find out much more about the impressive Nook here.