Dec. 15: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

There was much talk about cloud computing today, all of it hitting different aspects — from how IT organizations will adopt it to what makes a “niche” cloud to how AT&T’s spotty network helped drive the need for it. Hadoop and Cassandra news also caught my eye.

10gen Raises $6.5M to Dominate the NoSQL Space

10gen, the company providing commercial support for the open-source MongoDB database, has raised $6.5 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital. Its CEO says NoSQL will become the third leg of the data storage stool for enterprises, and MongoDB is in the lead.

Why Cloud Computing Sells and NoSQL Is Fading

Three years ago, I spent a few post-Thanksgiving hours wondering whether applying the cloud label to everything – now commonly referred to as “cloudwashing” – was a wise idea. In the meantime, marketers correctly decided it was, but concern over the wisdom of overusing buzzwords hasn’t gone away.

Why Nobody’s Searching for ‘Big Data’

Matthew Aslett at The 451 Group posted some Google Trends graphs showing that searches for “Hadoop” far exceed searches for “big data.” I ran some of my own to dig deeper. Users, it seems, are just concerned with tools to help them ride the big data wave.

Nov. 16: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Today, we have either-or questions, like whether cloud computing kill virtualization, or if NoSQL replace SQL in the cloud. But the news proves the answers lie in the gray area, such as Facebook choosing HBase, AWS getting ISO certification, and another complement to the CPU.

Nov. 12: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s a big news Friday. On the NoSQL front, Microsoft is giving Membase and MongoDB some love, while CouchOne distances itself from the term. In the cloud world, there was another revenue prediction, Appistry and Dell teaming on cloud storage, and Eucalyptus potentially working with OpenStack.

Nov. 10: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

It’s all about disruption today: Apple OS X becoming a more-appealing server OS, NoSQL being too disruptive for some, ARM enabling high-performance server systems, Apache threatening to pull the plug on Java development, and IT vendors not getting that cloud computing is supposed to be disruptive.

Big Data and NoSQL March to the Enterprise

It was a big year for NoSQL and big data, but now those vendors need to buckle down on their revenue models and make a head-on charge to the enterprise. Because, let’s face it; while the web leads the innovation, the enterprise leads the economy.

Oct. 27: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

One of the obstacles to cloud adoption is that most organizations have infrastructure in place, meaning they can’t just build best-of-breed cloud environments. This was reinforced via an on-point post from James Urquhart, a survey of satisfied cloud users and a round of funding for Riptano.

Will Scalable Data Stores Make NoSQL a Non-Starter?

The discussion around NoSQL seems to have evolved from abolishing SQL databases to coexisting with SQL databases, and then to SQL is actually regaining momentum. Is SQL regaining favor, even among webscale types? Was it ever out of favor?