What We’re Reading About the Cloud

What you need to know about NoSQL databases. Dell’s desire to to go for infrastructure gold. What does Hadron collider have to do with CouchDB, and HP is buying Stratavia. Plus with virtualization features, ARM is showing it is serious about servers.

What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 20

Heading into the weekend we’ve got a variety of posts from someone consuming 2.7 terabytes of data — yes– terabytes on their home connection, while we get a vote of confidence in Cassandra (and Mogo DB) and Oracle trash talks VMware. Have a great weekend.

What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 18

As the days of summer wane, the news is a bit light, but Intel’s beefed up Atom chips for storage and a positive technical review for Northscale are among the blogs we found interesting today. It’s hardly beach reading, but dive on in.

Structure 2010: The Future of SQL in the Cloud

Does the rise of cloud computing mean that traditional SQL databases and solutions are dead, or dying? Not according to a panel of database companies at the Structure conference. Although the “noSQL” movement is gaining steam, most agreed there is still a place for traditional SQL.

Open-sourced Membase Joins NoSQL Party

NorthScale, a Mountain View, Calif.-based web infrastructure startup, along with social gaming giant Zynga and a South Korean search and gaming portal are joining hands to launch Membase, a new open-source database that joins a fast-growing list of NoSQL databases that includes MongoDB and CouchDB.

NorthScale Caches $10M in VC Funds, Gets New CEO

NorthScale, a Memcached-focused start-up based in Mountain View, Calif. says it has raised $10 million in Series B funding from Mayfield Fund. Previous investors Accel Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners also invested. NorthScale has also hired a new president & CEO – Bob Wiederhold.

NorthScale, a Memcached-focused Startup, Launches

NorthScale, a Mountain View, Calif-based software start-up co-founded by leaders of memcached open source projects, launched today. It has raised $5 million in venture funding from Accel Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners and hopes to cash in on the growing needs of web-based businesses.