Amazon expands its NoSQL story with JSON support in DynamoDB

Amazon Web Services’ popular DynamoDB service now supports JSON documents, a capability that makes it more competitive against alternatives from Microsoft, Google and MongoDB. AWS also increased storage and throughput limits on the DynamoDB free tier, making the service that much more appealing.

Couchbase replaces its storage engine with homegrown ForestDB

Couchbase has built its own data store called ForestDB in order to boost the performance and efficiency of its family of NoSQL database offerings. ForestDB is open source and was designed with mobile devices and solid-state drives in mind.

Teradata embraces the big data ecosystem, buys Think Big Analytics

Data warehouse vendor Teradata continues to step up its game in the broader big data market, this time by acquiring consulting firm Think Big Analytics, which specializes in helping clients deploy open source technologies and build analytics applications.

Microsoft unveils Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL database as a service

Microsoft is expanding its Azure platform again, this time rolling out a NoSQL database service as well as a new search tool. It’s the kind of innovation Microsoft needs to focus on if it’s going to lure new developers and really compete in the cloud.