Acer’s C7 is part PC, part Chromebook for $199

The new Acer C7 looks more like a tradtional laptop than any prior Google Chromebook because of the Intel Core processor and 320 GB magnetic hard drive. But it’s an aggressively priced Chromebook at $199, which could sway many to give Chrome OS a try.

Say hello to “GoNote”, an Android laptop you won’t likely want

Taking two successful products and combining them has to make one even better product, right? Not necessarily. Case in point: The $234 GoNote available in the UK. It crams Android 4.0 into a very low-end laptop and suggests that it’s just right for students. Not likely.

Retina Display MacBook Pros in 2012? Why it could happen.

The MacBook Pro could get a substantial boost in screen resolution, according to sources upstream in Apple’s supply chain talking to DigiTimes Wednesday. But how likely is it that Apple will actually produce these monster graphical powerhouses in 2012, as reported?

Why it could be the end of the line for the Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has long remained a professional tool in an otherwise consumer-focused line of Apple computers. But would Apple really close the door on its most muscular and expandable Mac model, as recent reports suggest? I think so, and there are good reasons why.

Apple updates MacBook Pros with better processors, graphics

On Monday, Apple introduced new MacBook Pro updates to its online store without much fanfare. The new Pro notebooks all carry improved processors, as well as better graphics cards and storage options in some cases. Changes are light, but should make a solid computer even better.

Joli MacBook Air sleeve review: Luxury, meet luxury

The MacBook Air is a very pretty piece of hardware. For that reason, I’m not too eager to hide it away in just any old sleeve. Can the hand-made leather Joli sleeve match the Air’s sense of style while also providing it with protection?

Apple’s iPad is eating notebooks for lunch

The influence of Apple’s iPad on mobile computing is made fairly obvious by the huge numbers of competitor products that we’ve seen from just about every mobile and computer company under the sun, but a new report from Deutsche Bank makes it even more apparent.

Is a tablet with a keyboard really a tablet?

After debuting at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, the ASUS Eee Pad Slider is nearing a release. An Australian blogger has one of the first units and shares his impressions. I’m not sold that many folks will want the extra weight and bulk of an integrated keyboard.

11.6-inch MacBook Air review: Petite powerhouse

With its latest update the MacBook Air inches ever closer to its high-powered siblings in the Pro line of Apple notebooks. But how does it stand up as a replacement for the MacBook Pro, and how does it compare to its predecessors? Here’s what we found.