Your milk might expire, but 3G data from Walmart won’t

In a new twist on old pre-paid data plans, WalMart and TruConnect have partnered to offer “Internet on the Go.” The service offers pre-paid 3G data in small buckets for use with a MiFi. The data you purchase never expires, so it’s attractive for occasional use.

So what will happen to Mobile Hotspots?

When Apple announced the new iPad, it touted that the new iPad will be able to offer “mobile hot spot” like features, allowing you to share your wireless connection with five devices. This prompted folks at to ask: did Novatel and Sierra Wireless get Garmin’d?

Bridging the connected age, the MiFi tops 3M sales

Introduced in 2009, Novatel Wireless’s MiFi sales topped the 3 million mark on Monday. The big number is no surprise because of the MiFi’s simplicity and utility: press a button and share a mobile broadband connection over Wi-Fi. Smartphones and software could mute future sales, however.

WiFi iPad? Meet TruConnect’s cheap pay-as-you-go MiFi

MiFi mobile hotspots aren’t new, but not everyone wants the two-year data contract that comes with one. TruConnect launched a new 3G MiFi on Monday for $90 that uses Sprint’s 3G network, doesn’t require a contract and costs $0.039 per megabyte; great for a Wi-Fi tablet.

Verizon MiFi 4510L Reviewed: A Handy LTE Hotspot

How does Verizon’s MiFi 4510L stack up on the carrier’s LTE network? Quite well, after my hands on testing that covered every connected activity I could think of. Aside from the faster network speeds, this MiFi has some nice upgrades over the prior 3G models too.

Goodbye MiFi, Hello Smartphone Mobile Hotspot

As mobile broadband subscribers are about to surpass those on wires, you’d think that sales revenue for Novatel Wireless’s MiFi would be up. But it’s not and it’s about to face challenges from an increasing number of smartphones that will double as personal mobile broadband hotspots.

Is the MiFi Model the Future of Mobile Broadband?

Notebook makers are still adding embedded 3G and 4G radios in laptops, but in a world of MiFi devices and Wi-Fi gadgets, does the embedded mobile broadband model still make sense? MiFi sales are up and consumers simply don’t want a data plan for every device.