It’s official: The LAPD ain’t going to Google

After a long-running controversy, the Los Angeles Police Department will definitely not move to Google Apps. And that’s final.
The City Council voted to kill the proposed deployment of Google Apps to the LAPD although the city’s other 17,000 employees are still aboard.

Google deal with L.A. sours

Google’s deal to supply the city of Los Angeles and police force with Google Apps and email has soured. A letter from Los Angeles CTO Randi Levin to Google prime contractor CSC shows that the two-year-old deal is even more troubled than previously thought.

Google not falling for Microsoft’s patent sale trick

Google and Microsoft traded more barbs today in their patent squabble. Google said Microsoft’s offer to jointly bid on the Novell patents was a trick. Microsoft said today Google is only interested in using patents against others. The rhetoric, however, doesn’t improve Google’s fighting position.

Xamarin Founder Goes from Layoff to Launch — In 12 Days

Just 12 days later the entire Mono team was laid off from Novell, the Mono Project’s founder and lead developer Miguel de Icaza has announced the launch of Xamarin, a new startup that bills itself “the new home of the engineers that created Mono.”

VM Who? Microsoft Buys $450M of Novell IP

Attachmate, a privately held software vendor, bought Novell, the once-powerful enterprise networking player, for $2.2 billion. The interesting part of this story, however, is not who bought Novell, but who didn’t – namely, VMware. In fact, bitter VMware rival Microsoft might end up with some valuable assets.

Novell’s Patents Are Complicating Its Sale

Novell has put itself on the auction block, but a deal has been slow in closing. According to sources close to the company, this likely stems from the difficulty of accurately assessing the value of Novell’s patent portfolio in conjunction with its legacy product portfolio and associated business.

What Is Novell Worth? $2 Billion, Apparently

On Tuesday afternoon, Elliott Associates, L.P., a hedge fund with a significant position in shares of Novell, placed an unsolicited offer to buy the company for approximately $2 billion. The offer places a high valuation on Novell, and the troubled company must consider it carefully.

Watch the Winter Olympics on Ubuntu: Silverlight 2 For Linux Is Here

Microsoft (s MSFT) officially announced the availability of an open-source Linux implementation of Silverlight 2 this week. The release of the runtime environment dubbed Moonlight 2 is based on a cooperation between Microsoft and Novell (s NOVL) that started in 2007 and also involves royalty-free access to proprietary media codecs owned by Microsoft.

The release will make it possible for users of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions to soon access online  programming like Sunday Night Football and the NBC Winter Olympics on their machines. However, don’t hold your breath for Netflix streaming or other DRMed content coming to Linux anytime soon.

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