Coming soon from SunPower: a solar home loan

SunPower announced a profit-making second quarter on Wednesday as well as a plan to introduce a solar home loan that will complement its effort in the residential leasing market.

Why consumers shouldn’t worry about the new solar tariffs

The federal government’s decision yesterday to slap fairly hefty tariffs on Chinese solar panels has prompted worries about a big rise in costs for consumers to go solar. But the impact will not likely be as significant for two reasons.

First Solar has a new CEO and a 5-year survival plan

Solar bellwether First Solar has two pieces of big news out of its earnings on Thursday: a new CEO with deep experience with conventional power and a new 5-year plan to transform the company into a power plant developer.

A startup’s dream to become a clean power retailer

Starting a electricity retailer doesn’t sound like an easy thing to do, but startup Ethical Electric is setting out to do that – but without needing to building and operating distribution lines.

SolarCity moves beyond solar

SolarCity isn’t content with being just an installer of solar panels on rooftops. The company, which reportedly has plans to go public, has expanded beyond solar to a broader set of energy-related services, including upgrading air conditioners and insulating air ducts.

Solar service startup Sungevity is raising $41M

Solar service provider Sungevity under went some serious expansion in 2011 as it began to target the East Coast and overseas, and lined up Lowe’s as an investor and partner. Now following that growth, the startup has started raising a new funding round of $40.8 million.

The rise of the big solar power plant owners

While 2011 will be remember as a troubling year for solar manufacturers, it also is a year when major U.S. power companies such as Duke, MidAmerican and Exelon took a plunge into investing and owning solar power plants.