Big data startup with NSA roots nets $2M

Sqrrl plans to parlay technology from the Apache Accumulo project, which enables the lock-down of segments of a record, to make big data applications more secure and compliant with government regulations, said CEO Oren Falkowitz, an NSA veteran.

NSA poobah denies massive spying on U.S. citizens

The National Security Agency director Keith Alexander denied that the intelligence agency keeps massive dossiers on all U.S. citizens, a contention made recently by three former NSA hands and his denial sparked yet another spat in this ongoing controversy.

Does the NSA have a file on you? Probably

People who don’t like the idea of Google photographing their homes — and sniffing their wifi– will really hate this: The National Security Agency is compiling huge dockets of information on citizens including email and cell phone conversations, according to former NSA officials.

Constrained Power Grids Zap Sales at 3Par

logo_3par3Par (s par), a Fremont, Calif.-based maker of storage arrays for data centers, pre-announced lowered earnings for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2009 yesterday, blaming, among other things, the fact that customers don’t have access to the¬†electricity¬†needed to add 3Par gear to their data centers. Data centers, those guzzlers of energy, are now running up against the limitations of the power grid in major metropolitan markets. The need for megawatts has affected the data center industry as power costs and savings have become a big topic. For example, earlier this month, the National Security Agency said it will locate a new data center in Utah after tapping out the power grid in Maryland, where its current data center is located. That same demand for energy at other data center customers is now causing 3PAR delays in recognizing revenue from customer wins. Read More about Constrained Power Grids Zap Sales at 3Par

March Madness: Get Your Startup Out of Pre-Revenue!

March Madness typically refers to NCAA college basketball, but this
month’s craziness ranges from stock market-madness to presidential primary-madness, more prez -primary-madness to movie-madness (Ferrell!), and finally, to Spitzer’s hooker-madness.

But founders have more important things on their minds — like getting your startup out of the purgatory of “pre-revenue.” My research can help. You’ll close some deals using these core sales strategies. These tips don’t involve much sweet talking, but they do demand some attention and organization.

1. Aim your sales efforts at being #2: Your goal should be a “second
supplier”. A major mistake is going for the throat too early. SSG, Second Supplier Gambit, is trying to be a #2 provider through your website. Set aside your need to be their #1 supplier and love the waitlist status you are on. If you’re #2 on enough lists, you’ll be #1 soon enough.

2. Speak at industry conferences: Industry get-togethers are always looking for bleeding edge speakers. If you’re advanced, offer to be a back-up speaker (yes you just applied SSG). Another technique is to offer content focus, speaker line-up pre-produced and almost turn-key. A more expensive option is to have a pro writer develop content for you to speak on. Google ghost writer and put up an elance or better yet visit a Local NSA (national speakers association) chapter. If your CEO can’t speak, hire an actor (kidding!). Or go to an acting class. Read More about March Madness: Get Your Startup Out of Pre-Revenue!