Zippy! NSN shows off 1 Gbps wireless speeds

Nokia Siemens Networks plans to show off gigabit wireless speeds using the variant of of LTE-Advanced network that Clearwire plans to deploy. But don’t get too excited, too soon. These aren’t real world speeds and they’re not for handsets.

NSN’s new network fabric has it all: LTE, Wi-Fi, and cloud

At MWC, Nokia Siemens Networks plans its most ambitious mobile network design yet: a system of 100 small cells that behaves like a single cell site. This has huge implications for the heterogeneous networks of the future, which aim to create a sea of cheap bandwidth.

Nokia Siemens sets up LTE shop in Silicon Valley

The hub of mobile infrastructure in the U.S. may be in North Dallas, but the allure of Silicon Valley is bringing more telecom vendors to the Bay Area. Nokia Siemens is the latest, announcing the opening of one of its Smart Labs in Mountain View.

Nokia Siemens reaches for a $1.6 billion lifeline

With no more money from its corporate parents forthcoming and few remaining businesses to sell, Nokia Siemens Networks has gone to European and U.S. banks for the funding it needs to restructure and survive. Will $1.6 million be enough to set it on course?

Intel’s next big wireless play: It’s not smartphones

Intel’s wireless ambitions go beyond smartphones and tablets. It’s set its sights on the guts of the mobile network as well. By embracing a new network design concept called Cloud-RAN, Intel believes it can reshape wireless networks to make the best use of its chips.

NSN sells wireline business to Adtran. Here is why.

Nokia Siemens Networks said it will sell its wireline broadband assets to ADTRAN for an undisclosed amount. The deal is the second in as many months for NSN, which had previously been hoping to find a buyer for the whole business.

Mobile networks are learning how to be webscale

NSN today laid out a new architecture for mobile networks that brings concepts such automation and elasticity from webscale and cloud computing to mobile broadband as network engineers at carriers face the challenge of scaling their infrastructure to serve billions of endpoints.

Nokia Siemens Networks throws in the towel on sale

Looks like Nokia and Siemens are stuck with their joint venture in a telecommunications equipment company. Nokia Siemens Networks Wednesday said it had completed its review of private equity bids and decided to recommit to each other.