Japanese youth dumping fiber lines for LTE

Japanese youth are choosing LTE over fiber to the home connections, which has forced NTT to drop prices for its wireline service. Will the possibility of that kind of cost cutting inspire applications developers to build must-have services for wireline too?

Bloom exec: Fuel cells could revolutionize data centers

Bloom Energy’s fuel cells could revolutionize data center power architecture, says Bloom Energy’s new data center guru, Peter Gross, who joined the company this week as the Vice President of Mission Critical Systems.

Fuel cell makers eye data centers

Fuel cell maker ClearEdge Power plans to launch a fuel cell line targeted at data-center operators later this year. The move is part of a larger trend of fuel cell makers eying data-center operators as a new market for distributed cleaner power.

Bloom Energy attracts data center operators in Cali

Silicon Valley’s fuel cell maker Bloom Energy continues to add customers looking to power part of their data center operations with distributed, cleaner power in California. NTT America plans to install five Bloom fuel cells at one of its data center facilities in San Jose, Calif.

Vigilent Cutting Energy From Akamai, NTT’s Data Centers

The CEO of Vigilent (formerly called Federspiel Controls) Mark Housley, says there’s been so little technology introduced into cooling systems for data centers “it’s almost criminal.” Vigilent provides smart software via a wireless sensor network to manage and optimize these cooling systems.

Is Twitter Really Building Its Own Data Center?

Twitter will move into its own data center soon as it seeks to scale its social messaging service. Speaking at the Chirp developer conference yesterday in a session on scale, John Adams, a Twitter engineer, laid out Twitter’s strategy to keep the fail whale at bay