Is Broadcast TV Dead? Find Out in Two Weeks at NewTeeVee Live!

What’s at stake for Google, Hulu, Apple and Amazon? NewTeeVee Live brings together the most influential players who are making moves that will forever change where, when, and how we watch TV. This event is selling out – claim your seat now!

Q&A With Twitter’s Robin Sloan: Tweets Transform TV

TV has a huge influence on what people are talking about on Twitter, but the opposite is true as well: TV networks listen to Twitter and use tweets as feedback. Robin Sloan talks to us about how Twitter works with TV programmers, and vice versa.

Is Broadcast TV Dead? Find Out in Two Weeks at NewTeeVee Live!

What’s at stake for Google, Hulu, Apple and Amazon? NewTeeVee Live brings together the most influential players who are making moves that will forever change where, when, and how we watch TV. This event is selling out – claim your seat now!

Does Your Company Operate in the Online TV, Interactive TV or IP TV Sector?

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If so, then you should think about having your company take part in our forthcoming NewTeeVee Live conference on Nov. 10, 2010.

NewTeeVee Live gathers over 550+ of the most enthusiastic and committed players in the Online TV industry. Just take a look at just some of the speakers we have this year:

and many more…

And it’s not just our speakers either who are cool. Some of the companies who have been in attendance previously include:

7-Eleven, Inc. DFJ Pixar
Accenture Digimarc Corporation qualcomm
ActiveVideo Networks DIRECTV Redbox DivX, Inc. Roku
Adobe Systems Dolby Labs Rovi
Akamai Electric Farm Entertainment RTL Dutch TV
Ankeena Networks Facebook San Francisco Chronicle
AOL Flixster Schematic Inc.
ARRIS DataTech Global
Aspera, Inc. frog design Demand Media
Associated Press Google Seagate Technology
Atom Entertainment, Inc. Gracenote SeaWell Networks
Automattic Intel skyfire
Beet.TV InteractiveTV Today (ITVT) Sling Media
Bloomberg Inc. Sonos
Bose Corporation Keynote Systems Stanford Graduate School of Business
Bouygues Telecom KPIX Steamboat Ventures
Boxee KQED Streaming Media Magazine
Brightcove Level 3 Sun Microsystems
Castfire, Inc. Livestream The French News Agency
Catch Media Microsoft The Nielsen Company
CBS Interactive MTV Networks Truveo
Cisco Systems NATPE Turner Broadcasting
Cisco/Flip Video NCTA UBM Studios
Clicker Media Inc. Netflix VatorNews
CNET Networks Nokia VentureBeat
CNN Worldwide Omniture Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Comcast Cable Ooyala Warner Bros. Records
Comcast Interactive Media Opera Software Wired Magazine
Current TV/TWiT Oracle Xbox LIVE, Microsoft
D:All Things Digita Orange labs YouTube

Phew… and that’s just SOME of them from last year only.

With all the recent activity in the market, led by some industry giants like Apple, Google and others, there’s never been a better time for you and your company to make sure your message is getting across to the right people. The sales team at NewTeeVee Live can help by providing an unprecendeted opportunity to network with those interested in services and products in the Online TV space.

We have a number of sponsor slots remaining that allow you to access that audience. To discuss what would be best for you and your company call Mike Sly on 415.235.0358 or email [email protected].

NewTeeVee Live: Comedy Central Gets 500,000 Online Viewers From HuffPost, No Joke

Erik Flannigan, Executive Vice President of Digital Media at MTV Networks Entertainment Group, shared some interesting details at our NewTeeVee Live conference today about the way his networks are utilizing online video. Flannigan’s job is overseeing the web sites of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and these sites have been generating tons of video views for the network. Take Jon Stewart ripping into Fox News, for example. Clips like that receive 500,000 viewers from Huffington Post alone.
Flannigan doesn’t fear that people will shun their cable subscription for HuffPost’s embedded clips and ColbertNation streams. “Putting content online isn’t eating into your network ad sales”, he told the audience of NewTeeVee Live. Comedy Central’s online video traffic is always in sync with its network ratings. “That’s a good thing if you have hits and a bad thing if you don’t,” he added. Part of MTVN’s strategy for the future is to actually disintegrate these properties a little bit so online can have more a life of its own.
So what’s in store for monetizing Comedy Central and Spike TV content online? Flannigan said that he doesn’t see big changes ahead for some of it’s most popular shows. The network produces 160 episodes each year for both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and he doesn’t see anyone spend 99 cents for each episode anytime soon. In other words: Advertising is where it’s at, and the cake is only gonna get bigger.
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Online Video Rights: Why Technology Isn’t Enough to Bring About Change

[qi:_newteevee] This morning’s Video Rights Roundtable was, as we hoped, a rare opportunity for online video industry players to talk about their conflicts and collaborations in the wild — not in a courtroom or conference room.  In a (more than) two-hour discussion, the nearly 50 attendees shared their perspectives on the increasingly complex world of rights, responsibility and opportunities surrounding online video content. Complete liveblog coverage is available at GigaOM Pro (subscription required), and Ryan Lawler was on-site with some additional event coverage at NewTeeVee. More links below the fold (and full event video coming soon!).   Read More about Online Video Rights: Why Technology Isn’t Enough to Bring About Change

What to Do After the Election? NewTeeVee Live!

A crappy economy, a momentous election? We excuse you for having other things on your mind. But come Nov. 13, if you’re a reader of this site, we sure hope you’ll plop your butt down in San Francisco for our NewTeeVee Live conference. We’re even doing an election special price of $500 on tickets this week, so buy now.
The show is looking to be amazing, with a star-studded cast of speakers and a fascinating list of attendees. Get your ticket here.
The headliners on our schedule are:
Anthony Zuiker – Executive Producer, TV Show CSI
Reed Hastings – CEO, Netflix
Jason Kilar – CEO, Hulu
David Verklin – CEO, Canoe Ventures
Alexis Rapo – V-P, Digital Media, Disney-ABC Television Group
Blake Krikorian – CEO, Sling Media
Tania Yuki – Senior Product Manager, comScore
And our panel topics:
Live webcasts of major events: The inside story
Bridging the gap between television and online
Managed vs. unmanaged content
The truth about online video advertising
Last but not least: VCs evaluate the day and the opportunities they see
And appearances by breakout video stars of 2008:
Michael Buckley of What the Buck
Lucas Cruikshank of Fred
Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing TV
Felicia Day of The Guild
Jay Smooth of ill doctrine
Brian Conley of Alive in Baghdad

NewTeeVee Live Countdown: 13 Days

Don’t let the ghouls today or the uncertainty of next Tuesday scare you from securing your ticket to NewTeeVee Live! Today is the very last day of our “late bird” special, so step right up and buy your ticket now.
Come meet senior executives from ABC, FOX, Canoe Ventures, Netflix, Hulu, Lucasfilm, Comcast, YouTube, Sling Media, Level 3, Microsoft, and more explain what they’re doing to reinvent television. Hear from the producers of hit shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and HEROES talk about the changing art of storytelling.
We’ll also have breakout video stars from online shows Fred, The Guild, What the Buck, Boing Boing TV, Alive in Baghdad and Ill Doctrine talking about how they’re making a living on the web.
Hope to see you there!

CSI Creator to Keynote at NewTeeVee Live

Anthony Zuiker, creator and executive producer of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (and the producer of all “CSI” franchise shows), is going to deliver a keynote speech at our NewTeeVee Live conference that will be held in San Francisco on Nov. 13.
He will join Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, and Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu, as keynote speakers for the conference, which will explore the importance of professional content as one of its major themes. Zuiker, as part of his talk, is going to discuss how the emergence of new platforms such as mobile and the Internet are changing the art of storytelling. He calls it cross-platform storytelling.
When I spoke with Zuiker earlier this week, he said he was working on games, digital books and video to create new kinds of entertainment experiences. He predicts that the future of content involves giving the user control, a sense of ownership over it.
To find out what else is on his mind, join us at our conference: check out the schedule, the speakers, and get your tickets.
See you in November!

Make Your Announcement at NewTeeVee Live!

While we’re close to finalizing our line-up of speakers and presentations for NewTeeVee Live, there is another way your company can get in front of conference participants: the NewTeeVee News session, where we will present a selection of the most interesting major announcements and product launches in the online video space. Will your company have significant video-related news in mid-November? Let us know!
Chosen companies can expect to present from a special morning segment on the main conference stage, have their announcements distributed to attending press, and see coverage of their news on and We will be judging submissions based on relative newsworthiness, quality and variety.
Rest assured that we will keep your pending announcement completely confidential; even the names of those chosen won’t be publicly released beforehand. However, we do need as much information as you’re able to provide in order for us to make an informed decision. The deadline to apply is Oct. 24; presenters will be chosen by Oct. 29; the conference is Nov. 13. So please submit today!