Box rounds up a bunch of apps for cloud storage push

The storage wars continue with Box calling in the cavalry. The business-oriented cloud storage vendor aggregated 30-plus applications to be accessed from mobile devices and used with Box’s flagship service. But Box is not alone — there are dozens of rivals in the fight.

Swype hits Android 4.0 with Dragon Go! integration

Nuance added support for Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0, in the latest beta of its Swype software keyboard on Thursday. The new version has a limited audience base, but Swype is getting ready for devices as they gain the update to Android 4.0.

Nuance buys Vlingo, builds a voice technology giant

Nuance and voice recognition rival Vlingo have put away their knives and are now set to become one company with the announcement today that Nuance was buying its competitor. The two companies are set to take on the exploding opportunity in providing natural language interfaces.

Get a taste of Siri on OS X with Nuance’s Dragon Express

Nuance, the maker of industry-leading voice-recognition tech, released Dragon Express via the Mac App Store on Thursday. The app is basically a streamlined version of Nuance’s powerful Dragon Dictate software, and it brings some features that Siri fans might appreciate to OS X computers.

Why Nuance, a speech company, bought Swype

Voice-technology company Nuance Communications has confirmed that it has scooped up mobile text software provider Swype for $102.5 million, according to an SEC filing, adding Swype to its stable of voice and text input technologies. It’s just the latest pickup for Nuance.

Vlingo and Nuance hope Siri will make them cool

So will Apple’s Siri be like Facetime, widely praised and less widely used? Or will it be like touch screens that ushered in new ways of interacting with handsets? Folks in the speech recognition and virtual assistant market are hoping it’s the latter.