Bill Gates goes nuclear in Idaho

Bill Gates, along with the staff of nuclear startup TerraPower, visited the U.S. government-owned Idaho National Labs this week to check out the facilities in advance of reactor design work that TerraPower plans to do at the facility. Gates is chairman of, and investor, in TerraPower, which has been developing a traveling wave nuclear reactor that can run on waste uranium, and can make and consume its own fuel — theoretically it doesn’t need to be refueled for hundreds of years.

Bill Gates says TerraPower is in discussions with China

Bill Gates says the nuclear startup TerraPower that he has backed is in preliminary discussions with the Chinese government, as well as the governments of Russia, India and other countries, too. TerraPower will most likely commercialize its tech outside the U.S. first.

An exercise in galactic-scale energy

Follow physics professor Tom Murphy on an exercise in galactic energy that points out the absurdity that results from the assumption that we can continue growing our consumption of energy forever.

Startup Kurion says Japan nuclear water cleanup is working

In June, a group of tech companies, including Silicon Valley startup Kurion, started cleaning the contaminated water at the nuclear power plants in Japan. Now Kurion says that the efforts are working and that cesium levels in the water have dropped by more than 40 percent.

What the U.S. can learn from Germany to promote clean power

Germany has sprinted ahead of the U.S. when it comes to embracing clean energy and becoming the world’s largest solar market. That means Germany has learned some lessons that the U.S. could benefit from, including ways to drive down the cost of solar electricity fast.

Despite Bloom Energy deal, utilities see little fuel cell impact

While Bloom Energy scored a preliminary massive deal to sell fuel cells to Delaware utility Delmarva Power (subject to terms and regulatory approval), utilities in general are not all that interested in fuel cell technology, according to the latest report from consultants with Black & Veatch.

Startup Kurion Ships Nuclear Clean Up Tech to Japan

Nuclear waste cleanup startup Kurion says it has shipped several hundred tons of its equipment that will be used to clean contaminated water at the Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan that suffered damage in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Backs Nuclear Startup General Fusion

Looks like Bill Gates isn’t the only Internet titan interested in backing nuclear power innovation. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions, has joined a $19.5 million round of funding for nuclear fusion startup General Fusion