UPDATED: Tegra2 Problems Delaying Other Tablets?

Nvidia impresssed us at CES with the Tegra2 processor and touted over 50 designs already built around the chip. But now, sources mention some issues with Tegra2 that could push products back into later this year.

On2 Shareholders Finally Agree to Google Deal — What’s Next?

On2 shareholders finally agreed yesterday to allow the encoding company to be purchased by Google (s GOOG), after the search giant raised its bid by $26.5 million earlier this year. But with the acquisition now set to close this week, questions are arising as to just what Google’s plans for the encoding company are.

Under terms of the deal, Google will provide 0.0010 of a share of Google Class A Common Stock for each share of On2 common stock, as well as 15 cents a share in cash, bringing the total value of the deal to about $133 million. It will close after some six months of haggling since Google made an initial offer of $106.5 million in August 2009.

When the deal closes, Google will own all of On2’s video compression technology, which includes the VP6 and VP8 video codecs. At the time it was first announced, many believed that the deal could allow Google to circumvent On2 licensing fees or collect them from third parties like Adobe (s ADBE) or Move Networks. The suggestion was also made that Google could use its control of the new VP8 to push it as the dominant codec for YouTube.

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Can Qualcomm Compete As Smartphones Become Computers?

Our mobile devices are getting smarter, faster and mimicking the functionality of a full-fledged PC. As the top wireless chipmaker, Qualcomm has long been the “Intel inside” for mobile phones. But can it compete against a host of new processors with better graphics and more performance?

FTC Makes Graphic Claim Against Intel

The Federal Trade Commission today sued Intel, claiming it abused its market power and cut competitors out of the marketplace — not merely with regard to rival AMD, but also as the graphics market heats up. Nvidia must be thrilled.

The Nexus One: A Non-Story

The Google phone, dubbed the Nexus One–an unbranded HTC-made carrier-unlocked handset running Android 2.0–looks slick. Here is why it won’t be an iPhone killer, though.

Has Intel Reached the Limits of x86?

Intel will rethink the market for its Larrabee chip, once destined to be a graphics processor. Does its failure to make an x86-based GPU mean that it’s reaching the limits of x86 computing as we take our devices to extremes on the low and high end?

Intel and AMD Kiss and Make Up

[qi:gigaom_icon_chip] Intel (s intc) and AMD (s amd) today settled all of their various patent and antitrust disputes, with the top chipmaker paying out $1.25 billion to settle more than two decades of litigation. The two companies will also cross-license their technology over the next five years. The move helps Intel far more than AMD, as Intel is likely to retain its dominant position in the chip market. But Intel will continue to face government antitrust investigations over its pricing practices, and there’s still an intellectual property suit with Nvidia (s nvda) to deal with.
However, Intel can’t really afford to let AMD die because it then becomes a monopoly, and governments love to interfere with monopolies. So in a sense, Intel is propping AMD up only to knock it down again in the competitive market.

Thin Sony VAIO X Debuts on Video

Say what you will about Sony (s sne), the company knows how to make appealing products. The super-thin VAIO X notebook is a case in point, as you will see in this unboxing video from NewGadgets.de. It looks absolutely as thin as possible, and very easy to handle as a result. The 11.1-inch screen makes it a very appealing size for the road warrior. The high price gets you in essence a very capable netbook, and a sexy one at that.

The Daily Show’s Stepchildren Now Include Escapist News Network and Newsish

[show=unskippable]Every icon has his or her imitators, and while The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart didn’t invent the concept of snarking at the news in a quasi-reporting format, his influence has had a profound impact not just on the television world, but on web video. And shows that draw inspiration from the format continue to find fresh approaches to the idea.

Of course, the easiest way to put a new spin on an old idea is to tailor it for a specific audience — which the the guys and gals from sketch comedy team Loading Ready Run nail with the Escapist News Network by focusing exclusively on video game news and culture. Hosted by Graham Stark and Kathleen DeVere, ENN‘s one-liners and punchlines can be a little dense for those outside the video game world, but even a casual gamer can appreciate a story on the gaming site Popcap that references the “enslavement of the human race via the highly addictive drug Bejeweled [Popcap’s insanely popular puzzle game].” Read More about The Daily Show’s Stepchildren Now Include Escapist News Network and Newsish

Coffee Break — Little Laptop, Littlest Laptop

HTC Advantage, MacBook (not in that order)

HTC Advantage, MacBook (not in L-R order)

I’m hanging out in the local beanery, working away and generally messing with those around me who not only keep asking me about my “tiny laptop,” but are blown away when I tell them it’s two years old. I’m not bad; I’m just drawn this way.