Opera browser on Pocket PC

I love it when some pesky start-ups bitch slaps a giant, especially one which has a lock on most of the user-interfacing markets. Norway-based alternative browser maker, Opera, is planning to release a Microsoft Pocket PC Mobile Phone version of its lightweight, lighting fast browser. I have seen it working on a handful of Pocket PC based phones, include the much-in-demand Audiovox, which Scobelizer has deemed the ultimate “bling bling” of phones. The demo I saw was nasty fast, even faster than the one on UIQ platform. Opera is making a lot of headway in the mobile browser space, especially in Japan where it has locked down some serious deals with KDDI. I guess like everyone else I find their Small Screen Rendering technology da “bomb.” Oh did I mention, that the final version of Opera for Pocket PC Mobile Phone OS, and I am assuming other platforms will have an RSS auto-detect feature in the address field. Nice!

Cisco flexes it VoIP Muscle

Cisco has won a major VoIP deal with Bank of America reports News.com. BoA will replaces nearly 362 PBXes and will deploy 180,000 Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) telephones throughout 5,800 banking centers and enterprise locations in 29 states and the District of Columbia. This is the second major win for the company in past two weeks. Earlier SBC and Ford had announced a 50,000 unit deal and much of the equipment was supposed to come from Cisco. News.com points out that winning these big contracts has become routine for the hardware giant, even though some of its old customers have been less than happy with Cisco gear. “Last year, Merrill Lynch and the state of Alaska both cancelled their contracts with integrators that had recommended Cisco gear be used in their VoIP networks. Merrill Lynch is now deploying a mix of gear from Cisco and its competitor Avaya,” News.com adds.