Here’s a potentially powerful tool for exploring your social graph

A database vendor called Objectivity has created a mobile app called GraphMyLife that aims to let consumers explore links between the people and content in their various social networks. I say “aims” because although the idea is pretty cool, the app is a bit laggy and confusing (at least on my phone). But cut Objectivity a break: it’s a specialized (and old) enterprise-tech company trying to humanize its graph database software.

NYT public editor: Sometimes transparency triumphs over objectivity

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan says in some cases transparency by journalists can trump the principle of objectivity, although she still argues that reporters should refrain from expressing opinions. Unfortunately for the Times, that horse has already left the barn.

Journalism and the truth: More complicated than it has ever been

In the past, the truth about a social or political event was whatever the newspaper or the TV news said it was. But now that anyone can publish their views, the process of arriving at the truth is a lot more complicated — and even more important.

Ben Huh says journalistic objectivity is a trap

I Can Has Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh’s day job may involve funny pictures of cats and other internet memes, but he also has some serious opinions about the future of journalism, including the idea that journalistic objectivity as we know it has outlived its usefulness.

Ombudsman’s gaffe is a sign of deeper problems in media

The firestorm of criticism that erupted over the New York Times public editor’s question about whether reporters should be “truth vigilantes” is a sign there is still a huge gap between what the mainstream media thinks its job is and what readers think.

It’s time to admit that journalists are human beings

In the wake of the sanctioning of a public-radio host for being involved in an Occupy Wall Street protest, former Slate media critic Jack Shafer says that media outlets should stop trying to force their journalists to pretend that they are soul-less robots without opinions.

Twitter’s Success Pulls 23-Year-Old Objectivity Into NoSQL

Although it has been around for more than 20 years, Objectivity thinks the advent of NoSQL and companies trying to emulate Twitter’s ability to determine relationships among disparate pieces of data via graphs might finally propel it into the database big time.