UK’s internet video regulator is here to stay

A new agency that charges “TV-like” internet services to have their content standards regulated has proved controversial in the industry. But ATVOD has been given wholehearted backing to continue its work.

VOD liability in flux as UK regulators disagree

Distributors are passing the buck and regulators are openly contradicting each other. UK VOD services may take heart as another regulator decision is overturned. But the rulings and counter-rulings leave liability for internet video in flux.

Finally, Britain looks set for 4G… but not for a year

Britain’s severely delayed 4G auction came a step closer with confirmation that the bidding for mobile spectrum will finally open up. But with regulators suggesting it won’t happen until early next year, UK consumers won’t see any real LTE service until well into 2013.

Brits say text beats talk – but data is going crazy

A study by the British media regulator Ofcom says that people are more likely to use their handsets to text rather than talk — but the real revolution is happening in mobile data, which has doubled in the last 18 months.

3 Italia gives a boost to Europe’s LTE ambitions

Western Europe may be behind when it comes to rolling out LTE, but Italian operators are doing their best to catch up. 3 Italia unveiled an aggressive LTE plan on Monday in which it would construct and commercially launch its 4G network this year.