Ericsson to consolidate its Silicon Valley operations in Santa Clara

Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson(s eric) is opening up a new Bay Area regional HQ in Santa Clara in two office buildings being built as part of the new Santa Clara Square development. Ericsson will consolidate 2,000 employees currently working in Mountain View and San Jose in the 400,000-square-foot office space. The facility will house its IP and media groups (including its recent acquisition of Microsoft’s Mediaroom) along with the mobile infrastructure groups working on network virtualization. Ericsson expects to move onto the campus next spring.


Workspace feeling cramped? Blame broadband.

Flexible office locations and teleworking reduce the need for as many square feet per employee according to a real estate broker that specializes in flexible work space. But along with gains in productivity, such flexibility comes with potential costs if an employee doesn’t fit in.

Startup Boom Push Rents to New Highs in SF

San Francisco has become the destination of choice for consumer Internet and mobile startups. And thanks to liberal venture funding, the rents in SF are headed higher, which in turn is boosting their cost of doing business. Ironically — it is only just a start.

Our Office: Working Together in a Tight Space

627564_sardinesLast week I woke up to find that my partner had rearranged my home office. She spent the better part of the morning turning it into our home office.
I shouldn’t have been surprised — I’d told her earlier in the week that we might become more productive if we work near each other. At that time it was merely a suggestion. I didn’t think that one day I would just wake up and find it a reality. Read More about Our Office: Working Together in a Tight Space

Planning a Home Office in a Small Space


Not all teleworkers are lucky enough to have a large house. This means that designated office space will be limited. In fact, many teleworkers I know work from a partitioned corner of their kitchen or living room. If you’re in a similar situation, planning your home office can be a challenge. What can you do to have an efficient workspace in a small area?

Spend time planning your space.
It’s best to make a visual plan so that each square foot is accounted for. Doing this saves more time and effort over moving furniture around on the spot.

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Office

Since we spend a lot of time in our home offices, it’s a good idea to set them up according to our needs. But if you don’t have the time or money for a complete office makeover, even a few simple changes can turn your home office from drab to inspirational.

Here are a few things you can try.

Buddy, Can You Spare a Desk?

The triplets are due any moment now, and that means so is your mother-in-law. Or your precious baby girl has just graduated from college and has no more of a clue than she did the day she started, so she wants to come home for “a while.” Or maybe you’re moving back in with mom and dad yourself…
You can kiss your home office good-bye (hopefully temporarily). So now what?
There may be co-working spaces near you, but they’re not quite as ubiquitous as Starbucks yet… You can dig (and dig and dig) through craigslist and hope it’s your lucky day and that your dream workspace will appear in the first 10 listings (because looking at any more than that is mind numbing and hazardous to your health) and that the people with the perfect space for rent that miraculously appears in listing number seven actually respond to you when you do contact them. (I have a very low tolerance for classifieds sites, can you tell?)
You can go to Regus, the slick, corporate rent-a-workspace/meeting room/virtual office people, and deal with “a representative” who will probably try to sell you a plan or a package or something. (That’s just the impression I get from looking at their site and knowing how American businesses operate… I could be wrong.)
Or… You can check out, a new project with a whole lot of potential. It’s a free service for people who need office space, or those who have extra space they’d like to fill with a warm, rent-paying body.
Wait! Before you say, “Not interested” and stop reading, think of this: it’s a French startup. Parisian. Which means most of the office spaces (at the moment) are in Paris. Ever dreamed of living and working in France?
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