Microsoft Word Web App gets co-authoring capability

Microsoft has rolled out a co-authoring update to Word Web App, part of the Office Web Apps suite. This means multiple users can now edit a document simultaneously via Windows Live SkyDrive in Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 and Word Web App.

Microsoft takes on Google Apps, finally launches Office 365

Microsoft has now launched Office 365, its suite of collaboration and office tools that aims to take on Google Apps for Business. But with a product that costs more than Google’s offering and is coming much later to market, will Office 365 be a success?

Office Web Apps Gets an Update, Now Has PowerPoint and Excel Embedding

Office Web Apps, the online version of Office, has gained some new features, and is now available in more countries, Microsoft announced today. Of particular note is that users can now embed PowerPoint and Excel documents from Office Web Apps in their own websites.

Office Web Apps Now Live

Office Web Apps — Microsoft’s free online version of its Office suite — is now available to users in the U.S., the UK, Canada, and Ireland via Windows Skydrive. To try it out, just head to (you’ll need a Windows Live account).

Microsoft and Facebook Unveil Docs, but Why?

However, I’m left puzzled by this specific integration — sharing and collaborating on Office documents is just not something that I envisage myself doing on Facebook, and I really can’t see my Facebook friends doing it, either.

5 Web Office Considerations: Beyond the Buzz


Recently, we covered the release of the Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps Technical Preview (s msft). While it was great to get a first look at this release, it was even more interesting to pull back and read the flurry of blog postings, pundit pontifications, tweets and articles that were all over the web, ranging from those stating that this was the end of Microsoft Office, to those saying that Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps is going to wipe Google (s goog) Apps and Zoho off the map.

Most of these reviews were written by people used to trying out early release beta software. However, it is one thing for a new web office offering like Office Web Apps not to live up to its potential in a periodical’s lab environment; out in the wild, billable hours go up in smoke, deadlines get blown, and reputations get bruised if you adopt a web office app that doesn’t live up to its promises or mangles a document.

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Corporate Telecommuting: The H1N1 Virus Edition

1180561_28843136News of a possible H1N1 virus, or “Swine Flu,” pandemic is causing many commercial firms and government agencies to examine their Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans so business can soldier on during the crisis. The threat of an H1N1 outbreak is even prompting the United States Centers for Disease Control to recommend that small businesses have telework and business continuity plans in place.

This could place even organizations with well developed telecommuting programs in a challenging position, because a major virus outbreak may mean that their remote worker needs exceed their current capacity.

On the flip side, there are organizations that are far from telecommuting-friendly, which face even more challenges because they aren’t set up for remote working. In order to keep their business running in such a crisis they are going to need to buy or build an infrastructure to meet a new model of working.

At WebWorkerDaily, we get a chance to review some of the best office productivity, social media, online collaboration, project management, and Web 2.0 tools that in a worst case scenario — like a pandemic outbreak — can help an organization maintain some semblance of operations and communications, even though its employees and contractors are working from home during the crisis.

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Office Web Apps Technical Preview: A First Look

Office2010_LogoYesterday, the Web was abuzz with news of the Microsoft Office Web Apps launching to a limited number of users. I’ve been following developments in the web office applications sector for a while now and have been waiting to see how Microsoft would do an online version of Office, so spent yesterday putting the Technical Preview through its paces.
It’s important to note that this first release is a Technical Preview (only the Excel Web App and PowerPoint Web Apps have close to full functionality). However, what I have seen shows a lot of potential for Office Web Apps, even with the present limitations. This post looks at how this beta stacks up against the Office 2010 Technical Preview (the desktop suite), Google Apps (s goog) and Zoho Business.
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Microsoft Starts to Roll Out Office Web Apps Beta

Picture 1When the Office 2010 Technical Preview was announced, Microsoft (s msft) said that it also would be making web app versions of the Office suite available. My early excitement was tempered somewhat when I realized that the web apps would not be released simultaneously with the Office 2010 Technical Preview and I’d have to wait to try them out. Well, starting today, Microsoft will start gradually rolling out Office Web Apps Technical Preview (beta) invitations to selected customers. Read More about Microsoft Starts to Roll Out Office Web Apps Beta