Top 10 Stand-Alone Favorites From 2010

It’s almost the end of 2010, and the best way I can figure to recognize yet another inspiring year in web video is to individually honor the stand-alone projects, followed tomorrow by the serialized ones, which really stood out since January. For me, anyway.

OK Go: YouTube Income Doesn’t Pay Anyone’s Rent (Video)

OK Go have amassed close to 110 million views on their YouTube channel – but the site’s partner program hasn’t made them rich just yet, I was told by Tim Nordwind and Damian Kulash in a video interview that also revealed surprising news about Michelle Obama.

Where to Watch YouTube Play Tonight

YouTube’s having a party to celebrate the artistic and experimental content submitted to its YouTube Play program, and if you’re not in New York, you can still tune in thanks to a livestream, to be hosted at, tonight beginning at 8 PM ET.

OK Go’s White Knuckles Video: Viral With Ellen’s Help?

OK Go’s new video for its single White Knuckles features trained agility dogs, Ikea furniture and lots and lots of white. The video is still unlisted on YouTube, but it’s already racking up steam, thanks to a push by the website of the Ellen Degeneres Show.

OK Go Starts Contest on Facebook to Promote New Video

OK Go wants its new video to go viral, and the band is promoting the clip with a competition on Facebook that it has dubbed the “my ‘friends’ are cooler than your ‘friends’ video contest.” The rules, in short: The person with the most comments wins.

Hulu, OK Go & Auto-Tune the News Score Webby Awards

Okay, we admit it: We’re a little sad today that GigaOM didn’t win a Webby, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from checking out the long list of web video sites and ventures that did.

In fact, web video was one of the big winners of this year’s Webbys, with Hulu winning both the Webby and the People’s Voice Award in the Broadband category, and OK Go receiving the Film & Video Artist of the Year Special Achievement Award. Read on for a complete list of web-video related winners.

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SXSWi News Briefs: OK Go, Ustream, Naked Chicks

To quote The Princess Bride: “Let me ‘splain… No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” I’ve been having a great time and learning a lot at SXSW this year, but while I process some of the bigger ideas, here’s just a taste of what’s been discussed and shared.
How many cuts are there in the OK Go Rube Goldberg video for This Too Shall Pass?
Damian Kulash of OK Go appeared on a panel discussing the secrets of viral videos on Saturday, and while This Too Shall Pass played, he responded to a couple of questions shouted from the audience, including mine: How many hidden cuts are there in the seemingly one-take video? The answer is two, which were both done for camera reasons.
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Today in Connected Consumer

Not a good week for record company EMI. It’s owner, Terra Firma, remains locked in legal dispute with Citibank over its role in the 2007 acquisition, while major acts look for label homes. One of those could be Pink Floyd, which just won a ruling preventing the label from “unbundling” its concept albums into single-track downloads. The ruling could force EMI to remove “Money” and other classic Floyd tracks from iTunes and other services. Meanwhile, music video innovators OK Go, which has feuded with the label over its embedding policy, just walked to form their own label.

OK Go Exits EMI For Own Label: Hopefully, An Embedding-Friendly One

For want of an embed code, the band was lost…to their own independent label. Viral music video experts and indie rock band OK Go, after publicly squabbling with EMI over the lack of embedding on their YouTube music videos, have left the label to create their own.
This new label, Paracadute Recordings, will take over the distribution and promotion for their newest album Of The Color of Blue Sky, sales for which may be experiencing an uptick following the release of the State Farm-sponsored Rube Goldberg video for This Too Shall Pass, which is currently at 6.8 million views on YouTube (no small thanks to the fact that it’s embeddable).
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