Okta gets $25M more to take on cloud identity management

The enterprise IT market is undergoing a radical shift thanks to cloud computing. On-demand computing has added agility but also increased complexity, and Okta, a startup that helps track who can access what corporate assets, has raised $25 million to bring identity management into the future.

Coming from Salesforce.com: A Dropbox for the enterprise

The tension between scrappy young startups and legacy companies in the enterprise world was on display Tuesday, with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff noting his company’s challenges to some enterprise products from Box.net, Asana, and

Okta unlocks access to the corporate cloud

Okta, a startup that makes identity and access management software for enterprises, has closed $16.5 million in new funding. Okta’s software enables multiple people within an enterprise to sign in to the company’s web-based applications, whether they’re in the cloud or behind a firewall.

Single Sign-On Simplifies App Management and Access

As we adopt more and more cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for work, keeping track of those logins and passwords becomes a real pain. For companies, knowing which employees have access to which services and which content becomes a security, compliance and operations nightmare.