Branded Entertainment Mythbusters

Branded entertainment can be a very effective way of communicating a brand’s message online. But despite its rapid growth, branded entertainment is often misunderstood by the advertisers choosing to use the medium online, who buy into myths about the format. Well, let the debunking begin!

Top 10 Serialized Favorites From 2010

It was a great year for online video, thanks to the vast and varied quantities of serialized content available: shows, memes and experiences that went beyond the single-serving to engage audiences and change how we saw advertising, parenting, dancing and live-streaming.

2011 Prediction: Forget About Viral Video

Over the course of 2010, professionally produced content, not cats and stunts gone wrong, was what people were watching online. While the power of viral spread will never disappear, the decline of amateur found footage indicates that in 2011, sustainable brands will eclipse the viral video.

Jimmy Fallon, Star Wars, Old Spice Win Creative Arts Emmy Awards

At last night’s Creative Arts ceremony for the 2010 Emmys, the Jimmy Fallon digital experience and the independently-produced Star Wars Uncut won awards for their interactivity. Neil Patrick Harris and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like also took home shiny gold statues.

How to (And How Not to) Imitate the Old Spice Campaign

Where there’s an incredibly successful advertising campaign, there are the unavoidable imitators. Last month’s Old Spice social media domination meant that rip-offs of the Isaiah Mustafa ads were inevitable. And it’s a rare thing when the copy is as good as the original.

Vid-Biz: ABC Entertainment, Comcast-NBCU, Old Spice

Today on the Net: Paul Lee is taking over ABC Entertainment Group for Steve McPherson, Comcast expects advertising revenues to rise to $10 billion from $2 billion with the NBCU deal and Old Spice saw its sales rise 107 percent due to its YouTube campaign

Old Spice Social Media Blitz: 5.9M Views in One Day

The Wieden + Kennedy-powered social media blitz featuring actor and former football player Isaiah Mustafa posted over 180 video responses to comments on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and elsewhere, accumulating a total of 5.9 million views and 22,500 comments in the campaign’s 24-hour time span.

The Secret to Old Spice Guy’s Viral Success

180 or so videos later, and the Old Spice Guys is still going strong, recording personalized clips for anyone from Kevin Rose to Christina Appelgate, and clocking some 60 million views in the process. But what is the secret to Old Spice Guy’s viral success?

The Viral Genius of Wieden+Kennedy’s New Old Spice Campaign

[show=oldspicead size=large]Am I the only one who’s been bored by many of the ads that have recently attempted to go viral? Two weeks after the Super Bowl, not a single one of the campaigns launched at that time remains memorable, and the real innovators are mostly focusing on alternative social media ideas.

Of course, there is one huge exception, courtesy of The Man Who Smells Like The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka actor Isaiah Mustafa, the new face of Old Spice.


Old Spice has a good track record when it comes to clever advertising with a clear voice — I’m not the only one who still fondly remembers Bruce Campbell’s series of ads for them, I’m sure. But this ad for the Smell Like a Man, Man campaign has a number of awesome things going for it…

It’s just really really funny, even after repeat viewings

I’m sure that deep in YouTube’s analytics there’s a number for how many times I’ve re-watched this ad, and while I might find that number a little embarrassing, the fact is that I’m not alone — it’s racked up more than 2 million views so far on YouTube, received close to 10,000 five-star ratings on that site, and been featured on numerous blogs. Read More about The Viral Genius of Wieden+Kennedy’s New Old Spice Campaign