Aereo: Skinny live, deep library

Aereo has no plans to start recreating the full pay-TV bundle by layering on channels that predominantly carry programming for which live access adds little value.

TV disruption: It’s not about the cord

The power of network owners to bundle channels together — to force pay-TV operators as well as subscribers to buy programming as a package — is at the heart of the current TV ecosystem. If it’s being lost today, it’s not because people are cutting the cord but because viewers are shifting their habits, and because new entrants are competing more effectively both for viewers and for advertising dollars.

Veokami: A new way to watch concert videos online

Veokami hopes to make it easier to watch videos of concerts and other events with a new platform that finds, curates and pieces together videos from YouTube. By doing so, viewers can watch on-demand videos of concerts from many different camera angles and perspectives.