What media companies can learn from Walmart

What drove Walmart to acquire OneRiot and make it part of Walmart Labs is the same thing plenty of other companies — particularly media entities — should be interested in: namely, making sense of all the data that is coming in from users on social networks.

Facebook Faces Stiff Competition in Social Search

Could Facebook’s social search patent mean that it is building an alternative to Google? If so, the social media giant will have to set itself apart in a field already crowded with big players and some innovative upstarts.

OneRiot Reorganizes to Focus on Real-time Ads

OneRiot laid off seven employees Friday, dropping it to a total of 23 with the intent of sharpening its focus on building a real-time ad network. The Boulder-based company elevated president Tobias Peggs to the role of CEO, and moved him from San Francisco to Colorado.

When Social Replaces Search, What Can You Do to Monetize?

Social web behavior is increasingly filling the need for a traditional search engine, but you can’t monetize the social web by transferring over search advertising. What does that mean for Google, and what are some of the most promising ways startups are filling the gap?

Will the Bing/Google Twitter Deals Squeeze Out Real-Time Search Upstarts?

giantsAfter Microsoft (s msft) and Google (s goog) announced search deals with Twitter yesterday, several startups that focus on real-time search — OneRiot, Wowd and Collecta (see disclosure at the bottom) — put on a positive front in an article by Jolie O’Dell at ReadWriteWeb, saying their businesses will be around for the long haul. But the entrance of the two tech giants in a market originally dominated by startups is likely to send shivers down any company’s spine. Read More about Will the Bing/Google Twitter Deals Squeeze Out Real-Time Search Upstarts?

Twitter and Facebook Updates to Show in Search Engines — Are You Prepared?

bing-facebook-google-twitterNow that Bing and Google will be displaying tweets from Twitter and status messages from Facebook, web workers will need to consider how much, and how publicly, we wish to interact with these two social networks.


If you’re like I am, your Twitter stream is probably public. For me, the value of Twitter is its ability to let me share news and comments that current and potential clients may find useful. I also use it as a way of interacting with clients if our regular communication channels are down.

So I certainly don’t say anything using @chcs (my company Twitter account) that can’t be public. I also have a personal Twitter feed, @HamiltonChas, that mostly focuses on my comments regarding local politics. I also tweet using @GrowTrains, an account that reflects my interest in improving passenger train service. Read More about Twitter and Facebook Updates to Show in Search Engines — Are You Prepared?

With Real-Time Search Booming, OneRiot Launches API

oneriotlogoWant to know what’s going on right this second? Real-time search engine OneRiot is launching (right now!) an API that widget and app makers can use to tap into its stream of real-time content. The search engine, which is focusing heavily on real-time content — social networks, freshly uploaded videos, and newly created blog articles — helps users find what’s happening right now on the web. It’s a booming business. Read More about With Real-Time Search Booming, OneRiot Launches API

OneRiot Launches Real-Time Video Search

Want to watch video that’s hot right this very second? Check out OneRiot, which today launched a version of its social search engine for video URLs. The company depends on real-time signals, such as how long people stay on a page and at what pace views are accumulating. It’s a kind of a multi-source version of Google Trends.

oneriotvideoHowever, the effort is a little rough around the edges — for instance you can’t play videos on the results page; you have to click through. Also, there’s no information about why something is listed — the video is just presented in order of its “pulse rank” — which I find frustrating but OneRiot tells me its target audience of college students prefers. As for existing competition, we tend to like Viral Video Chart these days, and there’s always YouTube’s most-viewed (pretty much all of OneRiot’s results seem to come from YouTube anyways).

So what’s hot right now, according to OneRiot? Apparently the big thing this morning is bleeping out Obama and Oprah to make it sound like they’ve been censored for “dropping the F-bomb.” Wow, I really feel like I’ve really tapped the pulse!

OneRiot, which was previously called Me.dium, has raised a ton of funding — at least $20 million — so at this point it’s not even putting ads on its search results.