How ResearchGate plans to turn science upside down

The tools that have revolutionized the way we live are only just starting to have an impact on scientific research. Now ResearchGate — the “Facebook of science” — is hoping to speed up the change, with a new round of investment from Founders Fund to make it work.

A plea for a better Google Docs

Most of us who work with Google Docs have or will at some point get frustrated with it. After a recent poll, it’s clear the product that we know and like could be so much better with more attention from its creator. Herewith is our manifesto.

Transparency, privacy becoming necessary in collaboration tools

This month, online collaboration platform Teambox added private elements, offering users various levels of privacy. More than just a response to Google+ Circles, the feature supports modern organizational practices, allowing employees to share limited information with vendors and clients.

What happens when students create their own collaboration tools?

I teach technology and innovation to working professional MBA students who are changing courses and teams every ten weeks. Collaboration tools are critical to our effectiveness. Over the last two years, my courses have served as testing grounds for two locally-grown, student-designed tools: Acceledge and Piazza.

Alternatives to Dimdim for Web Conferencing

Now that the online collaboration service Dimdim has been purchased by Salesforce and is being shut down, what alternatives for collaboration, conferencing and screen sharing remain available? Here are a few options that we’ve covered in the past. Prices, features and usability vary greatly.