Unrealistic Expectations on Twitter Can Lead to Problems

TwitterI’ve been a little caught off-guard lately with some of the presumptions people seem to be making now on Twitter. Where did all these expectations, such as an expectation for a response to a retweet or a “follow back,” come from? Why are people coming to Twitter with the belief that others should act and react just the way they expect? That isn’t how the real world works. Why should it be any different on Twitter? Read More about Unrealistic Expectations on Twitter Can Lead to Problems

Big Growth In US 3G

comScore says that the United States has caught up with Western Europe in the adoption of 3G with 28.4 percent of American mobile subscribers having 3G devices versus 28.3% in the largest countries in Europe. That works out to about 64.2 million devices – up 80% from last year. When it comes to 3G penetration are Italy and Spain lead U.S. The growth in 3G penetration comes at a time when the data revenues are growing at a rapid clip for the mobile carriers.

Building Online Community Brick by Virtual Brick

When people ask what I do, I usually say “I’m a writer.” But I do so much more than writing articles and posting content on blogs. Since I first got online in 1987, I’ve been using the Internet (or at that time, Bulletin Board Systems) for not only communications but for community building – for my own projects and for clients. Today, there are so many ways I’m building online communities and although the tools have changed over the years, the rules haven’t.

Here are some of my thoughts on rules of online communities:

1. You can’t own a community. A lot of people who start and build communities immediately assume ownership. They get lawyers to craft a Terms of Service that says that they own everything posted within a community. They set the rules in stone and police the community. While I understand why companies want to “protect their assets,” ultimately, online communities can be fickle and rebellious. They do not want to be owned. Trying to turn a community into a commodity is ultimately a recipe for failure. Read More about Building Online Community Brick by Virtual Brick

Lenovo Slim charger powers laptops and more

Img3192_mkt_img_filename_1Thank you Lenovo! Is it me or is everyone sick and tired of one AC adapter for every single device they own? I’m sure there’s a few of you out there. You can join me in my glee over Lenovo’s new Slim AC/DC combo adapter. The 90 watt charger works with Lenovo’s ThinkPad and IdeaPad notebook line but includes a little bonus. With optional interchangeable tips, the adapter can also recharge other portable devices like phones from Nokia, Motorola, Apple, Samsung and RIM. In fact, with a dual-charge cable, you can power your laptop and charge another device at the same time.The kit has an MSRP of $119 and weighs just under a pound. Yup, that’s heavy for a notebook AC adapter, but if you want to drop a few power cords and you’ll be using a ThinkPad or IdeaPad, this could offer a decent solution. Maybe they’ll put a battery in the next iteration?(via Laptoping)