DailyMotion teams up with Flattr for crowdfunded video

Video portal DailyMotion is hoping to challenge YouTube woo more original content creators to its platform — by offering them the chance to raise funds directly through the site, in a new partnership with micropayments service Flattr.

StumbleUpon’s new Explore Box lets you stumble with purpose

Since its inception, StumbleUpon has worked pretty much as the name advertised, allowing you to stumble upon cool things on the web, rather than through explicit web searches. But a new “Explore Box” expands StumbleUpon’s offering significantly, bringing the app more search engine-like specificity.

How StumbleUpon is winning on the web

At nearly ten years old, web discovery engine company StumbleUpon is certainly well past the point where websites can attract users by being a new and hot trend. But the San Francisco-based company has proven that slow and steady growth can still lead to success.

Apture HotSpots makes the whole web like Wikipedia

Apture, the San Francisco-based startup, has made a very useful addition to its “contextual exploration engine” technology with a new feature called “HotSpots” that automatically creates new visible hyperlinks within online content based on what readers are likely to want to know more about.