Can you learn to cook online? The Escoffier School thinks so

The Escoffier School for Culinary Arts has one hell of a namesake to live up to. Auguste Escoffier is the closest thing the cooking world has to a deity. The school’s owners believe they can impart the grand master’s wisdom via an intensive online course.

Udemy redesigns to improve student experience, content discovery

On the heels of significant growth, Udemy, an online video course startup, today rolled out an overhauled website designed to improve content discovery and student interactivity. Udemy also added Netflix-like course recommendations and a Q&A feature.

Online education startups: a field guide

According to disruptive innovation expert Clayton Christensen, half of North American higher education will move online in the next ten years, followed by half of k-12 education by 2019. Here’s a guide to seven that are starting to realize that future.

A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching

San Fransciso-based online video course startup Udemy today released the salaries of the top 10 instructors on the 2-year-old platform. All of them earned more than $50,000 on their own and the top individual made more than $200,000.