Zynga grabs mobile developer Astro Ape Studios

Zynga is expanding its mobile ambitions by apparently picking up New York City-based developer Astro Ape Studios. The gaming powerhouse, which is preparing to go public, has been increasingly looking to shore up its mobile efforts, which has not be as successful as its Facebook business.

Maybe a little social-media fatigue isn’t such a bad idea

As Google+ tries to compete with Facebook and Twitter, the prospect of social-media fatigue becomes a real possibility — and some argue that we are spending so much time amusing ourselves on these services we don’t have time for the real world. But is that true?

Zynga focuses on privacy in run-up to IPO

It looks like Zynga is polishing up the proverbial silver in the run-up to its planned IPO. The social gaming company has launched “PrivacyVille,” a new game-like tutorial that rewards users with zPoints, Zynga’s virtual currency, for learning more about the company’s privacy practices.

Yoo-Mee Launches Social Gaming Platform

Hooked Media has launched a social-gaming platform called Yoo-Mee that is designed to allow casual games played on Facebook and elsewhere to be embedded in any website and also played via mobile devices. The platform is a “social wrapper” for games, says CEO Prita Uppal.

Average Social Gamer Is a 43-Year-Old Woman

The typical picture of an online gamer may be a teen lacking in social skills, but players of “social games” on sites like Facebook are different. According to a recent survey of players in the U.S. and UK, the average social gamer is a 43-year-old woman.

Boxee Adds Netflix Streaming Capabilities

Boxee, the open source media center, today added Netflix (S NFLX) capabilities, allowing you to browse the titles available for streaming, manage your Watch Instantly queue and stream movies directly to your TV.

The Truth About the Biz of Casual Games

The casual games market is booming, with over $2.25 billion in yearly revenue despite virtually no brick-and-mortar representation or advertising and marketing costs. But it’s also a market that is quickly becoming saturated, and like any content market, it’s dependent on a large number of unpredictable forces. Click To Read Full Story