Watching the game

Apart from that means for the linear TV service, by making nice with the service providers Microsoft may be able to use those integration deals to ensure that Xbox Live game play and downloads also don’t count against a user’s bandwidth cap.

With PlayStation 4, Sony seeks to balance past and future

The steps Sony has taken to take cost and development time out of the PlayStation 4 are not without a price of their own. And the trade-offs involved speak directly to Sony’s high-stakes effort to balance the game industry’s past and future.

Tied to the drive

Though sales of new games through brick-and-mortar retail channels are falling rapidly, game publishers, including the major console makers, have an incentive to prop them up as long as possible. No corner of the media content business has survived the transition from analog to digital distribution with its analog pricing power intact and there’s no reason to believe game publishers will fare any better.

SoftLayer says its cloud beats Amazon in online gaming. Here’s why.

As great as shared cloud infrastructure can be, online game workloads often demand dedicated physical servers in addition to heavily virtualized, shared cloud servers. That’s where SoftLayer says it differentiates itself from other big cloud players including market leader Amazon Web Services.

Xbox Live: Worth a bundle

Apart of what it would do for Microsoft’s Xbox games business, the purported new hardware-and-services bundle, if successful, could hold significant implications for its broader digital living room ambitions as well. If Microsoft proves it can attach long-term service commitments to Xbox hardware, it’s no big leap to imagine it eventually leveraging those contracts to begin reselling other services and subscriptions.

Super Bowl of eSports proves more popular than cable

The numbers are in, and Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit championship tournament proved to be one of the biggest eSports events ever streamed on the Internet. The tournament boasted record number of concurrent streams and hours of video viewed for the eSports league.

The paywall debate: monetizing news in the digital era

Free, digital content has shattered long-established ways of making money in the newspaper publishing industry, and publishers must now find new ways to subsidize content-creation costs directly. That includes everything from more-flexible paywalls to borrowing the business models of industries like online gaming and music.