Online Identity Isn’t a Transaction — It’s a Feeling

Former Twitter CEO Evan Williams breaks the important aspects of identity down into five distinct pieces, including authentication and personalization. But the reality is that what we mean by “identity” can change from moment to moment, and that may be the most difficult problem of all.

How Mel Gibson Can Help Your Content Strategy

I saw Mel Gibson on a talk show last night. The host asked him about his “Three E” approach to movie making. He responded that there are three things he tries to achieve with his movies: first entertain, then educate, and then, if possible, elevate.

Taking Content Strategy Personally

If you don’t have a professional blog or web site, you may think that you don’t need to worry about content strategy. Think again. Celine gave some great advice in her article “How to Develop a Content Strategy for Your Professional Blog,” but these days our blogs and web sites aren’t the only windows to our professional souls. If you use social media platforms for professional purposes, you should consider having a content strategy for the material you publish on them as well. Read More about Taking Content Strategy Personally

Digging Deeper Into DandyID

DandyID-logoIn a great post from a couple of weeks ago, Charles wrote about some options for managing many online identities. As we branch out and use more and more services on the social web, sites like DandyID, GizaPage and Retaggr, which can help us to keep things organized and assemble together all of the parts that make up our online brand, are only going to become more popular.
Charles liked the wide array of services you could claim with DandyID, along with its handy Facebook integration. I’ve been a user of DandyID for a while now, so I wanted to dig a bit deeper into what it has to offer and what differentiates it from the other providers in this space that I’ve looked at.
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Personal Branding Is Important, Like It or Not

iStock_000000658672XSmallIn a recent conversation with some Internet pros about different aspects of personal branding, one thing really struck me: we all fell into one of two opinion groups. One group thought personal branding is natural and necessary, while the other group felt that personal branding is icky. I’m convinced the reason those in the second group feel that way is down to the use of the word “brand.” It’s the baggage associated with that word that gives “personal branding” a bad name. So let’s not call it that. Instead, let’s call it “image” and talk about what it is and what it isn’t (or what it shouldn’t be). Read More about Personal Branding Is Important, Like It or Not

Judge Dismisses Parts of YouTube Copyright Suit

YouTube (s GOOG) caught a break yesterday, as a federal judge dismissed some claims for damages in a copyright infringement lawsuit brought against the video giant.

This decision wasn’t about Viacom (s via) versus YouTube. Rather, U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton ruled that plaintiffs in a separate class-action lawsuit, including Cherry Lane Music Publishing and a Britain’s Premier League, could not request damages for non-U.S. copyrights that appeared on YouTube. Stanton wrote that U.S. law “bars statutory damages for all foreign and domestic works not timely registered” with the U.S. Copyright Office. Additionally, Stanton said that the plaintiffs could not seek punitive damages.

Viacom is not a member of this particular class action lawsuit group, though it is cooperating with it and parts of its case have been rolled into this case.

Options for Managing Many Online Identities

social-network-iconsAs social networks have proliferated, it’s sometimes hard to remember where one’s online identities may be found. And if you have a common name, as I do, people sometimes can’t tell which Charles Hamilton I am. (No, I’m not a rap artist!)

Thus, there are a number of sites that are intended to help put all of your online presences in one place. I’ve tried a few of these aggregators. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so check them out, and see which options might work for you. Read More about Options for Managing Many Online Identities

Organize Your Online Profiles With GizaPage

GizaPage - LogoIf you’re like me, you’ve got personal web profiles scattered all across the web. Each time I register with a new service, another one is created, and each is a glimpse into my online activities.

One of the challenges is that the connections I’ve made through one service have a hard time finding me on the others. GizaPage, a new service launching in beta today, hopes to make that process easier.

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StatShot: Most DVRd Shows This Season, Top TV Shows on Twitter

As you might expect, after dominating the weekly charts of the biggest DVR audiences, Grey’s Anatomy finds itself as the show with the biggest DVR audience this season to date (ending on Nov. 30). The rest of the top 10 doesn’t hold any surprises (House, The Office, etc.). Check out the full list of the top 20 DVRd shows over at TV by the Numbers.


Trendrr tells us that over on Twitter, Heroes still held all the buzz with the most tweets from Dec. 9-15, but in a surprise turn of events The Big Bang Theory bumped Family Guy from the top five. Should I be watching that show?

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Google Moves to Reinvent Transportation

On a sunny afternoon back in June of 2007, members of the media, academia and the tech industry gathered to watch Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin drive a white Prius around the parking lot of the search giant’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

It wasn’t just a slow news day — the Prius had been converted into a plug-in vehicle, and Page and Brin had gotten behind the wheel in order to announce the company’s RechargeIT initiative, which included, among other things, $10 million to back plug-in vehicle technology. [digg=]

It’s been a year since that awkward scene, and the motivation behind Google’s foray into transportation has only recently started to become clear. Google just named the first two recipients of funds from its plug-in vehicle program: lithium-ion battery maker ActaCell and electric vehicle maker Aptera Motors.

While Google commonly makes small investments in web and mobile startups and has started backing renewable energy companies as well, this was the first time it has funded companies focused on electric vehicles. With the move, Google has gone from advocating plug-in vehicle technology to investing in it, much the way a venture capitalist would.
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