How tech’s giants want to re-invent journalism

Some of Silicon Valley’s biggest technology companies keep rejecting comparisons with news organisations.
But they nevertheless think they have the prescription for what news media must do next…

The 2012 Pulitzers: The medium doesn’t matter

The Huffington Post won a Pulitzer Prize Monday, an important prize from a group that not too long ago thought the medium was the message — and has since learned that the work is the message.

People don’t care about scoops, they care about trust

A new survey funded by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark looked at public attitudes toward the news media and found that only a tiny fraction of those surveyed care whether a news source is the first to report something. The most important quality by far was trustworthiness.

Can the News Industry Move Beyond Its Napster Phase?

The news business is just one of many to see its entire value structure be steamrollered by the Internet. Today the journalism industry is still struggling through its Napster phase, in which creators are panicked to find their content stolen in droves right off the factory floor. (The Associated Press’ recent demand to be paid for every search result headline linking to its articles is reminiscent of music industry lawsuits against file-sharing college kids in the late ’90s. One almost expects Lars Ulrich to re-emerge and take up the AP’s cause.) It needs to find its iTunes phase, as the TV and movie industries are trying to do: the point at which people would rather buy than steal.