Stitcher gets political, lets users follow presidential candidates

News and talk radio app Stitcher, is gearing up for the presidential elections with a dedicated election service for users to follow their favorite candidate and get elections news from select sources. The app can even transcribe reports so users can jump to particular topic areas. grabs $7 million, releases iPhone app, the hot New York start-up, is clearing up questions about funding and a mobile app by announcing a $7 million round led by Union Square Ventures and introducing an iPhone app. The news, while not a surprise, keeps up the momentum for Turntable.

Pandora: Now Playing Everywhere

Now that Pandora, a next-generation online music streaming service, has turned its first quarterly profit, the Oakland, Calif.-based company is looking at life beyond the web. And by doing so, Pandora is moving to embody what’s being called the device-agnostic Internet.