Birchbox, Warby Parker co-founders to speak at RoadMap

The co-founders of two companies changing the face of connected retail, Warby Parker and Birchbox, will join us at our upcoming RoadMap conference next month. They’ll talk about the forces changing the retail landscape and how they expect to connect with the consumer of the future.

Warby Parker raises $36.8M to expand fashion eyewear brand

Warby Parker has apparently raised $36.8 million in a Series B round, according to a new SEC filing. The online eyewear seller has succeeded by building a strong brand based on hip styles, low prices, customer support and a mission to donate glasses to needy people.

Try-before-you-buy YBuy subscription services raises $1M from Eric Schmidt

YBuy, a Southern California company, has built a monthly subscription service around the try-before-you-buy model for gadgets, appliances and other products and it’s getting a big name backer in Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, whose TomorrowVentures is leading a $1 million Series A round.

Startup studio Science acquires ‘Klout for Pinterest’

Pinpuff, an India-based startup that measures influence on Pinterest, is Los Angeles-bound. Startup studio Science announced Tuesday that it is acquiring the young startup and moving its founder to its California office.

When do summer shoppers splurge online?

Online retail sales may slump during the summer, but that doesn’t mean shoppers aren’t occasionally willing to drop the big bucks. New York-based data analytics startup SumAll shares several e-commerce trends for the dog days of summer.

The cost of losing a customer’s trust

Preserving consumer trust gets a lot of lip service. But a new report from the World Economic Forum actually attempts to translate its value into dollars and cents.

Amid growing pains, Etsy raises $40 million

The day before thousands of Etsy members plan to protest the online marketplace over its definition of handmade, the NY-based startup announced that it had raised $40 million in Series F funding, bringing its total funding to about $91 million.