Getting started with an online backup service for your Mac

Whether you got an online backup subscription as a holiday gift or just decided it’s time to have your backup offsite, it’s a good idea to keep your data protected, and one that never goes out of style. Here’s the right way to get started.

Today in Connected Consumer

News that Redbox will finally be launching an online service hit yesterday, and it looks like Netflix is its biggest target as the service will opt for subscription vs. sell-through. This news is exactly why I wrote Netflix would be wise to consider kiosks a year and a half ago, as the mix of streaming and local DVD rental for cheap is the perfect mix for today’s consumer. ┬áThe reality is release windows and licensing will continue to dictate that the majority of big-hits will be released first to DVD (or expensive online sell-through). This means kiosk has a long-life, and now that Redbox is going online, Netflix should look to go kiosk.