Online ads are finally making serious cash

With people spending more time than ever online, it makes sense for advertisers to go where the eyeballs are. But the Internet has largely lagged when it comes to garnering big ad dollars. New data shows that online ads are finally moving into the big leagues.

Is Hulu considering ad-free subscriptions?

A Hulu Support staffer might have just pre-announced plans for Hulu to introduce a new subscription plan that would cost more than the current Hulu Plus plan. The tweets come as Hulu faces its broadcast partners putting up a pay wall against non-cable subscribers.

How connected devices will disrupt the TV ad market

Linear TV still rules the ad market, with $160 billion spent worldwide last year. But a growing number of connected TVs will soon disrupt the TV ad market, by combining reach with all the interactivity, targeting and analytics advertisers expect from web video ads.

Online Video Ads Will Be a $5B Business By 2014

Online video advertising is fast becoming big business, with ad spend expected to grow from $1.4 billion in 2010 to $5.2 billion in 2014. Despite that growth, the online video ad market will still lag the growth of online video viewership unless publishers increase ad loads.