Reddit, freedom of speech and the dark side of community

In addition to occasional acts of journalism, Reddit is also known for its less savory content, including a page featuring creepy photos of women taken without their permission — and the controversy over that kind of content says a lot about the nature of the community.

Why we should defend the changes at the Times-Picayune

There has been a lot of criticism of Advance Publications for shutting down printing of newspapers like the New Orleans Times-Picayune, but Digital First Media CEO John Paton says the chain should be defended for trying whatever it takes to save its business from certain disaster.

Don’t just liquidate your newspapers — reinvent them

Newspaper companies are trying to cut costs by shutting down the printing presses and laying off staff, but unless they have a strategy for managing the transition from print to digital, all they are doing is liquidating the goodwill of a generation of readers and advertisers.

Should Facebook allow access by young children?

Facebook is said to be working on new features that would allow children under 13 to access the network. Is this a way of helping parents encourage their children to develop better online skills, or does it open kids up to privacy problems and other issues?

Debunking the “original sin” of online newspapers

Media industry executives love to talk about the “original sin” that newspapers supposedly committed, by not charging for content when the web was young — but this theory misses the point that the media game as a whole is being played according to fundamentally different rules.

The Internet erases borders, SOPA puts them back

Just like the iPhone brought smartphones to the mainstream, widespread streaming, YouTube and online pharmacies have brought SOPA to Congress. But the fundamental issue isn’t about SOPA, it’s about protecting business models that rely on a fragmented world, as the web makes fragmentation less relevant.

Apple’s iPhone 4S most-discussed smartphone for second half of 2011

Apple’s iPhone 4S is the smartphone on the tip of everyone’s tongue this holiday season, according to stats from Nielsen/McKinsey subsidiary NM Incite released Friday. The 4S captured 40 percent of online buzz around smartphones during the last six months, despite not being introduced until October.

Apple jumps the line to become U.K.’s no. 2 online retail site

Apple was the second-most popular online retailer in the U.K., according to data collected by web stats measurement firm Experian Hitwise and IMRG released Monday. Apple rose to second place from eighth the previous quarter, thanks to a five-fold increase in traffic between August and October.

Apple eyes Genius Bar overhaul as search for retail chief continues

Apple’s search for a replacement for retail chief Ron Johnson continues, but that hasn’t stopped it from shaking up its retail operations despite the ongoing transition, with mobile payment and ordering options, and reportedly planning even more changes in the near future, too.

Could OnLive be the app that kills bandwidth caps?

Perhaps Netflix has found a friend in its lonely battle against broadband caps, as a U.K. paper is reporting that gamers playing the OnLive service can use up to 20 GB in six hours. Can an outraged gaming community help eliminate broadband caps?